Where can i buy a 'Royal Empress Tree' in the UK?

I want a fast growing privacy tree for my back garden, and have heard the Royal Empress tree is very fast growing, but i dont know if/where i can buy one in the UK.

If its not available, can anyone suggest a tree that is fast growing, will grow to 30ft+(but not a conifer) and available in the UK?

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    Two years ago I got one on eBay but didn't survive. So last winter I got seed on eBay (from India) and started them in Feb.indoors and set them out in mid May. They are currently six feet tall. Now if they survive a North Dakota winter I'm in business. Other trees I own that grow quickly are Cottonwood, Aspen, Poplar, Flame Willow (this might be something that would work for you, it only gets 25ft.) Weeping Willow and Golden Willow. RScott

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    5 years ago

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    The best way to tell if it is alive is to take a pocketknife and peel off a little slice near the base of the branch. See if there is any green anywhere, or if the wood is brittle and dead. If you can't tell the difference, feel the knife blade. A dead branch will leave nothing, but a live one will feel wet or sticky, even if only a bit. If I remember correctly, these trees are just late bloomers, so I wouldn't worry. Other ways to look for signs of life: Do the buds on them have any green or fuzz? if so, they're fine. Did you cut them back at all during the winter? If you did, it may have stressed them and they might just be struggling right now. Also, what climate band are you in? Do you know if you had any late freezes, a colder winter than usual or whether they don't tend to do well in your zone? It's hard to tell from the photo since it doesn't really show the bark or bud characteristics up close, but nothing appears to be wrong with it unless it froze over the winter.

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    Royal Empress Tree Uk

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