Why are there no sex seenes for the Lesbians in QAF?

I remember one, tops. Why? Ben and Micheal have sex in every episode,

Brian and Justin/ Brian's trick always have sex at least once an episode., EVEN EMMETT TED AND HAVE SEX (though not with each other) A FEW TIMES ON SCREEN!!

Why don't Mel and Lindsay have sex?



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    actually, the lesbian couple... Melanie and Lyndsey had several sex scenes. They even had a few that were just as graphic... if not a teensy bit more... than some of the guys sex scenes. Yet, they did not have as many as the other characters because they were not the focal point of the show. I believe the main characters of QAF were meant to be Brian and Justin, as their story seemed to get the most attention. Then Michael and Ben. Ted and Emmet were backrounders as were Mel and Lynds... but everyone got a few chaces to get down and dirty with the fun stuff.

    Also, QAF was marketed more towards gay men... so the man on man sex scenes were probably given more emphasis for that reason. I do wish there was more QAF... I miss all of the characters!

    Source(s): I have the DVD collection... and I've watched it 3 times through already... LOL.
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    Mel and Lindsay have had more than one sex scene, though honestly not many. I can't tell you which episodes. (Been a long time since I've watched.)

    I agree with you about the L-Word. I tried watching that show, and can't. Female drama is unbearable, and the junkie hairdoo of the slutty one is....ugh!

    A viable alternative to both shows is simply to watch the juiciest excerpts from each one on youtube. For a special treat, go to youtube and type in 'Matlin' and 'L word' in the search box, see what all you get. Also specifically, type in 'favorite scenes: Bette and Jodi'. A 6.5 minute video clip going by that title should come up. It is a pretty sweet compilation.

    Marlee Matlin (hot deaf chick) + Jennifer Beals = poetry in motion

    Be well.

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    Spielberg took the words right out of my mouth. BTW I miss the L-Word. Can't wait until it comes back on!

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    Queer As Folk Lesbian

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    Ahem, because we have the L-word. QAF is for guys, duh!

    Source(s): This guy below me is an idiot! Maybe only girls that sleep with him don't want it. My girlfriend doesn't have that problem.
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