How to make you font big with color?

Help can you give me the code

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    1 decade ago
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    where u type your word , if u used microsoft word .click on insert - wordArt than choose wat font u want

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    In CSS, the "color" property sets the color, and the "font-size" property sets the font size.

    For example:

    <style type="text/css">

    h1 {color: #336600; } /* changes all H1 headers */

    .bigcolor {font-size: 150%; color: red;} /* changes all elements with class=bigred */



    <h1>Here's an H1 header</h1>

    Here's some <span class=bigcolor>big red</span> text.</p>


    And here's some

    <span class=bigcolor>more big red text</span>.

    <span style="color:green; font-size:120%;">

    You can also put a STYLE attribute right in a SPAN or DIV to define a unique style right there.


    (There's also the older <FONT>...</FONT> tag which takes SIZE (1-7) and COLOR attributes.)

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    Hi Dakota,

    I just found this site for you.

    here's some samples from it:

    font size="+2"SIZE="+2"/font displays as: SIZE="+2"

    font size="+1"SIZE="+1"/font displays as: SIZE="+1"

    The "normal" text size is called the default. This is the default size.

    font size="-1"SIZE="-1"/font displays as: SIZE="-1"

    font size="-2"SIZE="-2"/font displays as: SIZE="-2"

    font color="#0000FF"BLUE/font make blue

    font color="#FF9900"ORANGE/font makes orange

    font color="#00FF00"GREEN/font makes green

    font color="#FF0000"RED/font

    font color="#232375"NAVY/font

    font color="#800080"PURPLE/font

    font color="#800000"BROWN/font

    Hope this helps


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    1 decade ago

    code for HTML??

    go find a CSS code off

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