Do you think she likes him?

There's this girl I like and I have told her how I felt last year, but she said she just wanna be friends. However, as time goes I feel that some things have changed, and she sometimes shows some interests. But yesterday, for the first time in few months, I saw her talking to this boy who likes her too! They were talking about a bowling plan, and they seemed to talk more than usual (they also talk like five months ago but it ceased). That guy and his pals ask her and pals on a bowling plan, but the first time they declined. The second is cancelled due to a clashing schedule though. She seems to talk to him more though, but she also tries to evade him sometimes and I don't think she makes any attempt to be with him. I'm a more shy person and hence I can barely start conversation, although sometimes she would teases me, but today we were having a group dinner, and I seem to be more quiet (also due to the shock yesterday) and she rather grumbles asking more people to speak more. She also teases me and laughs at the comments that my friends made about me. And she also talks to her friend about me (one of her friends is really angry with me, I don't know why), I think it's like asking her to forgive. But I DIDN'T start a conversation, although a couple of times she show some interests, like teasing me and helping me a lot.

And now I'm thinking of 'asking her out' by texting like, "Hey, let's watch ... movie some day..." and see what goes on. Would it work? Is it too late? But looking at her talking to him and his friends about the bowling plan - somehow it rather stops me from chasing her? It seems that she talks to him more and more interested - but she doesn't seem to want to spend more time with him!

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    call her up on the phone do not text or email. Tell her how you really feel, tell her what you think in some of the ways she reacts being around you and just let her know up front that you are confused and need to know if she plans on being just friends. If she says just friends say okay cool! and go on your way. FInd another girl that will make u happy. If you continue to go after her you may scare her off.

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    1 decade ago

    well you cant really say for sure who she like all you can do is ask her.liek you said text her but i would try something diff like giving her flowers and asking her on a date that would be sweet and shed say yes what girl would would not hurt?make it sweet and don't be so shy girls don't like it when guys are shy.good luck<3

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    U need to move on she's one of those girls who sends mixed signs. she's just stringing u alone don't fall for it let her fall on her *** first then see who come crawling to. or **** it just move on a find a hotter chick who respect all the time u dig!!!

  • first get 2 know her and then ask her out

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ask her out,really what's the worst that can happen?Either she will or she won't.Good luck!

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