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Squid placed in a square tank, and dies in 2 min??

My math professor said he is trying to figure out this problem.

A squid is placed in a square, or rectangular tank, and it literally dies in 2 min.

However, when squids are placed in a round tank, it lives on.

Does anyone know why????

And there's only one squid in each trial

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    Goldfish go blind in round tanks, and quickly perish in square tanks/bowls.

    I believe thier bodies are weakened by contact with the glass.

    Squid are free roaming creatures, not destined for repeated bumpings against glass. I've seen eels, Pirahna and Trout who have died due to glass related contact.

    A bigger tank may be in order.

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    Hmmm, that's weird. Maybe the edges of the tank mess with the squids eyesight or cause confusion or something. Very interesting.

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    He's probably smashing into the glass straight on. Giving himself a concussion.

    Poor Squidward.

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