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When and where will the Jena 6 march be? Answered?

The Baddest Man on radio is putting action behind his words. On September 20th Michael Baisden along with comedian George Wilborn, national celebrities, and thousands of loyal listeners will March on the Jena Courthouse to demand justice for Mychal Bell, one of the black teenagers awaiting sentencing in the Jena 6 Case. Mychal Bell could receive up to 22 years in prison for what amounted to nothing more then a fist fight between black and white high school students.

Michael will need all the support he can get to show the prosecutors, the Judge, and the entire nation that we will not stand by while they steal the lives of our children. Time for talk is over, it's time to act.

Details about Michael's visit to Jena on September 20, 2007:

5:00am Buses meet in Alexandria, LA at Parish of Rapides Coliseum to caravan to Jena

7:30am Meet in Jena, LA at LaSalle Parish Courthouse

8:00am Rally & March for Peace and Justice

9:00am Sentencing for student Mychal Bell

*Wear Black on Sept. 20th to signify unity against UN-EQUAL JUSTICE in America


LaSalle Parish Courthouse

1050 Courthouse St

Jena, LA 71342

(25 minutes from Alexandria)

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    ok so now we should let murderers free? thats whats wrong with louisiana its not the whites against the blacks its the blacks against the whites thats why we have to be scared at night because someone like this guy is let free because someone wants to play the racist card..I dont care what color he is he needs to be in jail where he belongs for attempted murder..

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    I find it interesting that you are calling a six-on-one beating "nothing more than a fist fight between black and white high school students." One-on-one is a fight. Six-on-one is a beating. They also kicked him until he was unconcious and bleeding from the nose and ears. So, don't try to tell the world this was just a fight. Most people in the area believe that it was not attempted murder and that 22 years is extremely excessive. But, they do NOT believe the charges should be dropped, which is what Jesse, Al and the marchers want. What they did was wrong and it was a CRIME and they should be punished for it.

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    It amazes me how far all the previous post are from the actual facts.

    Is this how white America is looking at this case?

    FACT: anyone BEATEN don't attend school functions on the SAME DAY of their BEATING.

    FACT: KIDS, people, KIDS

    FACT: This same white child was teasing a black child that was beaten up the day before by several white kids.

    FACT: No child no matter color. Should go to jail for a school fight.

    Think about it. How did you handle racism as a KID in a where your race is out numbered 30 to 1?

    oh yeah, that's never had that kind of pressure.

    Do your research before you talk this foolishness about sending children to prison.

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    sorrry hombre.. this kid has already been CONVICTED. the other 5 got lesser charges.. but for some reason this one chose a speedy trial. hes getting no less than 10 years. and those are going to be HARD years. hes a young fresh fish. hes either going to have to join a gang or be someones girlfriend. choose your fate. scumbag killer GANGBANGER or sex slave homo. YOUR CHOICE

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    What do you mean, where will it be?

    Marches by their nature move around.

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