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too late to get rabbit spayed?

I have a mini lop who is about 4 years old right now... but she hasn't been spayed..

I was wondering whether I should get her spayed.. is it too late to get her spayed now?? About how much would it cost?

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  • Amber
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    No, not too late.

    In my area it costs $140 - $230 to alter a rabbit. Most people don't realize how expensive it is. You must find a vet that specializes in rabbit medicine (sometimes called an exotics or small animal vet). Be sure they are confident in doing spays. 0ur shelter's vet often kills our shelter rabbits trying to spay them.

    If you are lucky you may find a tax subsidized low-cost rabbit spay/neuter clinic where you could pay $50 but they are somewhat rare. Call your local rabbit rescues and ask them for a referral. Ask them for the cheapest and the best - someone they would go to.

    Source(s): ARBA member, exhibitor, breeder, shelter volunteer
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    omg it is never to late and a ur local humane society

    (since they r all about spaying and neutering)

    also reasonable price 50-85 dollars

    hope this helps

    goood luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to call the vet to make an appointment anyway so you might as well ask if it is okay for your rabbit and how much it would cost. You could shop around for prices. Different vets have diffrent prices.

  • 1 decade ago

    No - not too late. Contact your local humane society. They will do it for $50 or so.

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