When will the Democrats tell us what their own plan for Iraq is?

I know this is long, but when Reed gave the Democratic response to the president's speech, he said that a different strategy was needed in Iraq. He also said that we need a rapid withdrawal of troops, and we need to train the Iraqi's to protect themselves. Well... what is that different strategy I keep hearing about? Do the Dems actually have a strategy at all besides cutting and running? Also, how do the Dems expect to train the Iraqi's to protect themselves if we are not over there to train them? Is that not what we are doing right now? How will a rapid withdrawal of American troops benefit our nation and the rest of the world? What will be the result of a rapid deployment according to the Democrats? Why haven't the Dems addressed these logical, common sense questions that have already been asked of them by the Republicans? Why isn't our "unbiased" media addressing these questions?


This is not just the Republicans' problem. This is the Democrats' problem too. They are two parties of the same government. They should not be competing with each other but working together to come with ideas and strategies. The Democrats actually said a new strategy was needed, so let's hear it. What is that new strategy? And how will that strategy benefit the U.S., Iraq, and the rest of the world now and in the future?

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    Because the Democrats don't have a plan. Except how they give all that war money to pregnant illegal immigrants and people too sorry to work.

    If you'll remember, all this started with the last democratic president who too busy with cigars and hummers to give a little preventative measure, except for two guided missiles that landed out in the desert somewhere because he didn't want to "start" any trouble.

    The trouble was already in the works (remember the USS Cole) that got blown up? Old Slick Willy I guess decided that maybe that was an accidental bombing. And the USS Sullivans. And there should have been a hint that something was up when the WTC got bombed just before he took office, but I guess he didn't figure he needed to worry about continuing an investigation.

    Democratic presidents are only good for SNL skits.

    For those of you who say the Iraqis don't want us there, you have apparently not been there. Why do you think they do such a crappy job of running their country and defending it, when they can have us do it for them. As long as they keep doing poorly, we will keep helping them. If we leave and everything goes to hell, they'll say we left too soon before they were ready. And then we'll be fighting the war over here.

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    The Democrats had big plans during the Clinton Administration regarding Iraq and Bin Laden, but did not finish their job, things happened on Bush's watch, and he is finishing what Clinton started. Since you had about seven questions included here, I thought I would address the ones I felt more important. Hope you do not mind.

    As for as Harry Reid:

    I am getting tired of hearing the stupidity that comes out of Harry Reid’s mouth. This little man is so extremely partisan and obstructive that he is eroding the ability of America to get things done. This slimball declared that the war was lost long ago and has shown no support whatsoever for the American military or its mission because he suffers from Bush Derangemetn Syndrome. He is so full of hatred for President Bush that he will ruin this country before he would play like part of the team. I had enough of this squirt, so it is time some one unloaded on this maggot.

    Harry Reid is a festering pustule that oozes sanguineous fluid like lava from a mountain because he is an infection in the Senate. Reid stated that the plan put forth by General

    Petraeus was unacceptable.

    It might actually seem like Reid (or any other Democrats that has been bashing the General) came to that conclusion after listening to what the man had

    to say. Instead, he and his minions in the media had their minds made up a month ago when good news was coming from Iraq with regard to the surge. The Democrats went into attack mode so they could discredit the General and the report before it was ever delivered.

    Reid has no idea about the issues because all this little p*ss ant knows how to do is run and hide. For a man who used to be a boxer he sure lacks courage as he attacks this war hero by using the media to bash him.

    Harry Reid has now vowed that Ted Olson will will not get the confirmation of the Senate because Reid thinks he is to partisan. That Article (dem press ) discusses how Reid will insure that Olson (assuming he is nominated) will be blocked and it

    discusses finding someone acceptable to the Democrats. I have news for that idiot, the president is not obligated to pick someone acceptable to him, the Democrats or anyone else. Their job is to give an up or down vote on the nominee and nothing else. He serves as convenience of the president. If he served at the convenience of the Senate or the Democrats or anyone else then those entities would be the one to select him and appoint him.

    I am tired of Reid's treasonous behavior and his disregard for this country. I am tired of the way he talks about the troops and the president and anyone else with whom he disagree. I excused a lot of his behavior in the past because I assumed that he suffered brain damage to that little walnut that occupies his cerbral cavity. I am now convinced that he is just an idiot and the stroke did little damage because he had

    few brains to with. He should be taken out back of the Capitol and give the punishment due a person who commits treason.

    But that is too easy for him. If I had my way he would be bound and gagged and airdropped in the middle of a terrorist training camps, along with Rosie O, Jane Fonda and others that act like Reid, so that he could experience first hand what the evil that we face really is.

    He is a poor excuse for a leader and he should be removed from his position immediately and replaced with a button that does absolutely nothing more efficiently.

    He only get away with his games because he is in the Senate and he thinks he is a privileged individual.

    He is a puss filled scum bucket.


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    how many times have we discussed these issues?

    when will Republicans clear the wax out of their ears or start to pay attention?

    why isn't Fox News apparently telling them these things?

    to answer your question...

    1. there was the Iraq study group report that had like 70 DETAILED SUGGESTIONS... that MANY dems supported...

    2. Jim Webb talked about many details in his reply to the state of the union address...

    3. there were some more plans in the Iraq funding bill that included a plan for troop withdraw that Bush vetoed...

    and there have been others... this is just off the top of my head...

    how many plans do you want and how many specifics? I think they answered all the questions you just asked and many more already...

    Republicans clearly aren't listening and don't care and just like to cry about plans that have already been addressed...

    it doesn't work so well when it's all bunk though... thanks for proving again that you're not paying attention

    EDIT: the scary thing is... NO REPUBLICAN SEEMS TO HAVE A CLUE? what do you people do? where do you get your news?

    aren't you embarassed?

    EDIT2: I'm not going to tell you... I showed you where you can find it... but if you don't know by now... I doubt you care...

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    As soon as the Republicans tell us what their strategy is. Right now it is just to send in soldiers to act as human targets. Maybe secure a location or two in Iraq every 5 years or so. Another question you could have asked was -- can the Democrats do any worse? Plus it is this administration that is to blame in the first place since we jumped in without a plan. It has caused such a bad quagmire, Rummy had to step down. Why are you putting the problem on the Democrats? Obviously you know Iraq is a problem, or you wouldn't have asked this question. Just remember, it's Mr. Bush's problem - and he will be remembered in a bad light for it as he passes the problem on to a Democrat in 2008 to fix.

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    They already have. Here's their plan: to keep us in Iraq (which their leadership has said we've already lost) just long enough for us to get burned out, weakening the military to the point that we couldn't defend against a home shores attack if we had to.

    For the record, there's all kinds of training going on. I read about it every day, and Iraqis are lining up to be cops.

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    Um, I think it's been pretty damn clear that they want our troops to come home now. You hadn't heard that yet? Do you really think there's much "training" going on over there? Do you watch any news at all? Last summer was the bloodiest of all. You didn't catch that?

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    Oh puullleeze!

    no one is proposing that we "cut and run" - in fact Bush can't even give us a definition for "cut and run"

    Look silly. The Iraqis do not want us there. Period. Put yourself in THEIR place. Hundreds of thousands of




    young children

    teen children

    young adults

    young college students



    and those older......

    a similar population as that in the United bearing arms, breaking down doors, killing indiscriminately - with impunity no less; under the guise of providing some foreign sense of 'help'---


    How the hell would you feel if some friggen foreign country came to the United States trying to enforce THEIR sense of "democracy"...

    Here's the plan.

    It's simple.

    Get the hell OUT... Leaving a war YOU started does not always mean you lost.

    It means you have come to your senses





    "then what" you ask.

    "bring the troops home silly."

    Let them protect OUR turf. Stop using them to protect oil and Iraqis who would most prefer to take care of THEIR own WITHOUT any further interference from the Bush admin.

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    They already have

    Step one: Buy a white flag and pole

    Step two: Find a nest of terrorists

    Step Three: Wave White flag

    Step four: Pull down pants

    Step Five: BOHICA

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    Nancy Pelosi gave her view, it was aired on Rush Limbaugh. She said basically we should "redeploy" our troops out of Iraq, but keep them close to Iraq so they can come back if they're needed, and we should keep enough troops in Iraq to fight Al Qaeda. Of course we need all our troops there to fight Al Qaeda, but she didn't discuss that.

    Basically the Demonrats will do what President Bush is doing, but they'll say its President Bush's fault.

    They won't support a republican president, even if it means supporting out enemies who want to kill us all. I really believe that. They are guilty of treason, and should be tried, and shot.

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    The plan is to let the weapons inspectors finish thier jobs. Thats what our plan was.

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