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Patriots got off easy?

Fines for the rich ? How about some forfiets.This is just a sale of indugences buy the NFL.You cheat to win you should lose the W..

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    I don't like this punishment at all.

    Let me start by saying that I don't want to know about what shenanigans went on in the past. I don't want to examine rumors about steroids in the Steel Curtain, about point-shaving in the 80's, or about the Patriots filming their way to multiple titles.

    I think we need to concentrate on the here and now. All that we know about is that this Patriot team intentionally broke a newly highlighted rule in week one.

    Giving the coach a league maximum fine is appropriate, as long as his salary is frozen and no one else may pay one penny of it. Giving the team a fine equal to hot dog receipts from a single half is not. I think that the Jet game should be forfeit and their income from that game should be donated to the player retirement fund. As to draft picks, one or maybe both, of their first rounders should be forfeited.

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    Did they get off easy: I think the fines and draft pick were reasonable for the offense. Id be willing to bet most people dont even know exactly what the extent of the offense was. Second of all, and Im not a pats fan or Belicheck fan by any stretch of the word, but people need to give credit where it is due. The Patriots are playing out of this world right now and no video recording can throw the football to moss or stallworth. A video recording cant make tackles or sacks. Its in the past so give it up.

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    Half a million bucks is a lot of money. One has to earn about a millions bucks to take home $500k. Taxes, agents, business managers all take a bite when that much money is on the line.

    Losing the draft picks will hurt the team in the future. Even if the draft picks aren't realized, they can be bartered for other players.

    The Jets should get the W from the game the Pats cheated in.

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    Kraft will cover Belichick's $500k problem.

    If they make the playoffs and lose that 1st round pick, they still have another 1st round pick to spare from the deal they had with the 49ers getting Joe Staley, plus an extra 3rd round pick from the deal with the Raiders.

    I would say they got off real easy.

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    if those racing people were fined 100 million for cheating why didnt they fine the pats more. i mean how much money did they make for winning those championships and all that merchandise they sold because of it?

    thats ridiculous. i mean this is the most popular sport in one of the worlds most richiest nations and they only fined them half a million.

    Pete rose was banned from baseball for cheating. people wanted bonds head on a stick with his allegded use of roids. but people seem to turn their head on this!!!! WHY!!!


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    I personally wasn't going to be happy with any punishment short of forfeiting the game they were caught in. So I think we have to take the fact that their legacy is forever tarnished. They may have won 3 superbowls but they will always be known as cheaters.

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    I find it strange that the NFL's policy is to suspend players when they break the rules but fine coaches when they break the rules. You would think that suspensions should be across the board regardless of which member of the team actually decided to break the rules. If we can suspend players for four games for breaking the league substance rules, why can't Bellichek be sispended for four games for illegally taping another team's play calling?

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    Slap on the wrist.

    Should have been a formal investigation to see how far back this goes...did they win their last Super Bowl with a camera on the sidelines?

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    Hell yeah they got off easy, a small amount of chump change and a first round draft pick that is at the bottom of the 1st round?

    Should've suspended the HC and fine the organization One HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!!!

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    Yea, how many first round picks actually last. I told my friend about it who is a Randy Moss fan and he just laughed. Im happy something happened though.

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