Will any of the WinTV-PVR tuner cards record (with smart scheduling) in the same way a Media Center PC will?

Ok, so basically I have a 2002 HP Media Center Edition computer that I've used up until now. The tuner card is started to break so I want to get something new, but this time for my new XP Pro computer. I loved how you could record shows in MCE using the guide and it had a very smart scheduler that it used so I could record specific shows and go into details such as recording only first-run shows or reruns, how many to record in a day, etc. Well, I had purchased an ATI Remote Wonder tuner card and the scheduling was equivilant to a standard VCR. It used a program called K+ Guide or something like that, which claimed it could automate recording like MCE. However, I couldn't do any advanced scheduling, basically I had to manually schedule EVERYTHING! I had to put in the exact times I wanted and everthing, it sucked. My question is, will I be able to get the same advanced settings with any of the new WinTV-PVR cards? In other words, will it work like TiVo like my MCE computer did?

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    The tuner card S/W won't do what MCE can do. There are other "media center" wannabees out there, but why not just buy the MCE OS from newegg and upgrade?

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    the wonderful benefit is you're able to be able to make your workstation right into a DVR and you have extra administration of your content cloth than with a advertisement DVR. in case you upload in a solid video card you may watch it on your vast show screen television.

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