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can somebody(not parent or guardian) access school and ask for student's grade and information?

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    The only other person who can do that is you after you turn 18 or someone you designate as a legal representative with specific permission to access those records.

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    It depends on how old the student is, who is asking for the info, and what they want it for . The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act sets forth who is allowed to see what info.

    Source(s): FERPA info from the Department of Education:
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    They shouldn't be able to (unless they're the police or a social services agency). At my college I could even ask for them to not release my grades to my parents if I didn't want them to.

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    Absolutely not.

    Privacy policies protect the child's info.

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    you or your parents should have filled out a release at school and actually indicated who and who can't access your info.

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    That wouldn't surprise me, seeing that banks routinely betray people in this regard with one phone call from an attorney, or someone that impresses them.

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    Yes, you can change it too. I'm sorry to break this to you but you need FBI training first.


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    no, that would be illegal.


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