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should i move on?

Ok, So theres this girl I know & told her that I like her & lately shes been emailing me, talking 2 me more often...Even if shes tired, shes still willing to talk, she'll ask me how my day is, she says she misses me from to time. Anyhow, for some reason if i compliment her in a small manner she thinks I'm lying or she thinks that shes not pretty enough. Now, lately for some reason shes been getting moody with me, pretending to hate my guts & I didn't do anything! so heres my question. Is she in denial about liking me? Whats her problem? & does it seem like she has low self esteem?

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    The reason she says she thinks your lying, and that she's not pretty enough is that she could be insecure.

    As for pretending to hate your guts and all that.... she's just being a girl and testing you to see if she can control your emotions. Trust me.... MOST women do this at one point in a relationship.

    She is not in denial about liking you.

    It's actually the opposite. She likes you more than you know, and she's just trying alot of things to see where your weak points are. Don't drop your guard whatever you do.

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    If she can't take a compliment then she may be insecure about certain things.

    If she's mad at you then there may be a reason. Why not simply ask her? What happened to communication these days? geesh! People are afraid to spell things out when it would be so easy to just do so.

    Ask her.. hopefully she won't bite.

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    Smells like low self esteem for sure. She must definitely like you and asking for more compliments and attention. Can you handle that? Its pretty hard you know...;) Good luck!

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    yes she has low self esteem or maybe its that time of the month talk to her and explain to her what she's doing and how she is acting towards you. the best thing is to talk to her and see what might be wrong with her! good luck =)

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    She most probably likes you but is afraid. She's afraid of letting you in. Just give her some time to figure out her emotions and hopefully, you guys can talk things out one day.

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    yeah, she is in denial, shes games, let her go. you got a better chance with somebody else.

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    Girls are lame.

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