why am i so jealous??

my boyfriend and i have been together off & on for 2 1/2 years {almost 1 year this time}...i love him to death & i would do anything for him...but every time i see him with another girl or even talking on the phone with another girl i get so0o0o jealious... i hate this felling..i never felt like this be4.. i have been in other realtionships be4 & i was never jealious of anything..i mean ANYTHING!! my jealiousy is so0o bad its starting to get in the way of our relationship.. i love him so0o0 much & i dont want to push him away.. wat can i do to help controle my jealiousy..please help be4 i loose a really good man...

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    Are you sure you are not lusting?...........

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    It could be your womans intuition...Then again I am a strong believer that men and women can never be JUST FRIENDS so I think after hearing he actually spends time on the phone with some just doesnt seem right to me.

    I had a guy like this who had lots of female friends. They would call him and text him all the time but I brushed my jealousy away. WELL, turns out that boyfriend was sleeping with ALL those girls! So the jealousy I tried so hard to ignore was actually my instinct telling me what a loser he was.

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    ok, im a guy, and im going to give you a secret to control it ok.

    when you see him, or hear of him talking to another girl, no matter who it is, think this to your self " HE likes ME. and HE Wants to BE with ME. If this wasent true, then HE wouldnt be with me in the first place. I (u) am the ONLY girl that can say "yeah, He cares for ME and LOves me" I (u) AM the Girl in HIS life, the Girl he Chose out of ALL the women in the world. HE WANTS ME. "

    now, just think of this and run it through your head when you begin to feel jealous. It really helps. just remember, basically, he and you are Together, and you are the only girl who can say that. any other female cant match up to what you and he have.

    i hope this helps. = )

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    The one thing I try to do is. If I talk to one person in a relasonship. I try and talk to are at lest respect broth people. In other words Have you trying being friend with hes female friends. And the other way around. Ask hem about being friends with your male friends.

    It Helps Me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you like yourself and believe in yourself and he does love you then you have nothing to worry about. I think maybe you didn't love the other guys in your life and now you do so you feel threatened by his other friends. You need to know something about you keeps him with you and just be honest if you are bothered by this maybe he can limit his talking time and compromise to your feelings.

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    I would say the question you need to ask yourself is this.........

    Did he phone her? or did SHE phone him?? That's what makes the difference! If he phoned her, then why?? Is it a business call or what? But if she called him, then it's not that much to worry about. She probably does have a crush on him. But you're the one he's with.

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    jelousy , sinful, hes doing something right. try not to be so jealous. you need to control it. you dont want to push him away.

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