new cell phone???....sidekick id?

well lately i've been wondering what phone to get i only would need the phone for iming and web use since i already have a cell phone for calling purposes only and i dont want to add text or web since that phone is only for work, family and emergencies. i wanted to get the sidekick3 and though it was worth the cost until my friend let me borrow hers for a day and i HATED IT!! the camera quality sucked and so did the mpr i was so dissapointed =(, so that meant i was back to squar one til my friend suggest to get the sidekick id what do u guys think?? i would like to know more about the sidekick id the i would love to customize it so if u guys know a great website please let me know thanksz 4 all ur help =)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    if u wanted it for texting and web browsing why r u complaining about the camera?

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