Can it be possible to feel like a relationship is going nowhere but its hard to give it up?

Ive been dating this guy for 6 mos. We've both have had previous marriages and of course we both have kids. We enjoy each others company very much but I have issues when it comes to building any type of relationship with him. His daughters want to meet me but he doesn't want them to. He says he's taking everything slowly but Im running out of patience. I want someone to share my time and life with. Im so confused because I want to move on but yet part of me wants to wait and see what happens. Am I holding on to what if? Should I be straight to the point and tell him what I want? If so how do I do it? Now don't get me wrong, I don't need any means of financial support. Just everything a girl wants, not much to ask. Open to all opinions.

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    If you feel that he is the one, then tell it to him straight. The fact that he doesn't want you to meet his kids might be that he wants to protect them against possible changes and that makes him a good father. Don't hold on to what if, you might be old and grey one day and wish that you didn't hold back and then you will be saying what if. Take a chance on life, live it to the fullest. I told my bf that all I want is for him to love me and we talk straight to each other, we don't play around the bush. Honesty is very important to any relationship. Tell him how you feel and what you want. If he doesn't accept it, then maybe he isn't mr right for you.

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    I say invite him over to dinner one night and tell him up front and over the meal what your needs are. Kind of a lead in is that you need to talk about something. And then talk about the points in your relaitonship that you would like to work on and what needs aren't being met and in what ways. Make him see your side of things. I'm sure once he gets a clearer point of view he will do better. But I think at the same time he has a right to take it slow. I mean you both had previous marriages and he probably feels that he rushed things in his or it went so badly and he didn't really know what to do, so now he is trying to take his time and figure it out more. Now as for you, you probably felt something in your own previous marriage wasn't right so you want to speed things up to the ideal right moment for you. But see what you both forgot to probably do was to talk about those previous marriages. I mean its one thing to be in them and say that they are in the past but if you don't tell your new partner the things that your ex didn't do right for you how will he know what to work on to make things better for you? Same for him too, if he doesn't share what things went wrong with his ex wife how can you be more understanding about him wanting to go slower? As for waiting things out that is entirely up to you. After you tell him what you want out of the relationship and he either starts doing them to make your relationship better or he doesn't then you should know if you want to leave. But that is entirely up to you.

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