my little drama (help please!)?

i've fallen for a straight girl at work. we're friendly with each other, but not to the extent of doing things together outside of work. i added her on myspace a while ago (everyone at work adds each other), and asked her to add me back. she's not a fan of myspace, but when she eventually logged in (i think it was about a month after i added her) she didn't accept my friend request. i don't know if it was intentional, but i'm worried that someone's told her that i like her, and it freaked her out. she's not a homophobe but she's really introverted and i doubt that she'd appreciate the attention. anyway - i want to send her a brief message to casually remind her to add me. how can i do this without sounding really needy and pathetic? she's leaving the country soon and i really want to be able to talk to her on myspace sometimes - otherwise i might never see/hear from her again!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just tell her something like, " Hey! I was just wondering if you had received my friend request, I know that you will be leaving soon and I would like to keep in touch with you, so maybe you can add me to your friends." See if that helps out, if not maybe you can just talk to her in person and kinda explain things.

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    Listen, if she's str8, keep it moving. I understand that we can't help who we fall for, however, this is something you should probably leave alone. If you insist on being added as a friend on here myspace page, just approach her at work and ask her to add you. If you can't keep things on a friendly level, leave her be.

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