What can I do about the swelling on my feet and legs?

I had my baby via csection on Monday, I was sent home on Wednesday. I currently take blood thiners,so I know I dont have blood clots. I have been walking around the house as much as I can, and the swelling keeps on getting worse what can I do and why does this happen.

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    i had the same problem.

    when you have a c/s your muscles are cut and they cant work as well as before your body will soon push out all the extra fluids

    for now drink lots of water to clear your body of the meds and stop walking around sit down with your feet up and relax. also take some motrin it helps the pain and the swelling. oh yeah and a foot massage helps it might feel wierd becauseof the swelling but it helps he circulation. dont worry it took about 3 weeks for my feet to go back to normal. congrats

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    Just press your ft with the guidelines of your arms and notice whether or not a melancholy remains for a couple of seconds. If sure, it shows oedema, water retention and diuretics can aid. Have you spotted this quandary simplest lately or does it come together with your per thirty days interval (swelling raises earlier than interval and is going down afterwards)? If sure, it's water retention precipitated through hormonal alterations. If the above elements aren't the case, and if there isn't so much pitting on urgent at a place, it would be fats and that shows a hypothyroid situation. Are you feeling slightly torpid, bloodless and so forth. and urge for food is rather less? those signs must provide you with a warning approximately a thyroid underneath par. I will probably be competent to aid you extra in the event you percentage extra knowledge as indicated above. Wishing you the pleasant.

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    The swelling is likely to be excess fluid in your body from your pregnancy. If you just had a baby c-section or not you need to be resting with your feet elevated above the level of your heart at least 4 times a day. Drink plenty of fluids. If you had a blood clot in your leg, you'd know it. A easy test-called the homans sign can signal whether or not you may have a clot-just straighten your leg out and point your toes towards your chest, if it hurts call the doc. Also if they gave you TED hose or Jobst stockings-wear them

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    While pregnant did you become diabetic? That may be the problem. I would call your dr. and ask . You might have some residual swelling In the meantime stay off your feet and elevate them above your heart. Have someone help you.You just had a baby !!! Have your partner or a family member massage your swollen tired feet. Get some rest while you can

    Hope he or she is healthy and happy

    good luck mommy .

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    GO BACK TO YOUR DOCTOR ASAP! That is something I would be concerned about. Swelling is not good.

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    maybe you should try resting your legs and putting them up and maybe the swelling will go down

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