Kasey Kahne Fans Only. Why do you like him?

I like him because he seems like a genuine person and is humble. I feel he is a good driver with a dumb owner. I like that Gillette has come on board, and hope they will have more say.

I think he has style and charisma. He is not a dirty driver and keeps going no matter what.

For the record. I think Jeff Gordon still sucks.

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    I like him because he knows how to drive a racecar. I think hes very talented, and with some better luck it wont be too long before he gets a championship. He seems very nice and he never complains on T.V. or blames other drivers for something when it was his fault, that's the main reason I like him. But the real way he became my favorite was before I ever saw him. I was watching the race and my dad thought Jeff Gordon was going to win, so I HAD to pick somebody else so I picked Kasey to win, and he did! Hes been my favorite ever since then.

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    Well, the VERY FIRST time I went to a race, I saw Kasey's face on the trailer and decided to root for him.

    I live in Texas, and it was the 3rd race of that season. Kasey was a rookie that year, and when he raced Sunday he was awsome and got second, losing by .028 seconds.

    I just found that amazing, and my first NASCAR experience was awsome.

    He is very nice in person, and every day I have met him (at Texas, two times), he won that day.

    I agree with the good driver, dumb owner thing. Ray has forgotten about his drivers and teams, and needs to let Erin off him, in order to see that they are suffering. I think Gillette will do him some good.

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    yes i still think gordon sucks to.but kasey kahne is a good driver but he is driving the 9 car which was bill elliott's.i agree thou he does race clean he will be a good driver if ray everham gets his head out of his butt.or maybe kasey needs to go to another team.im surprised at ray cause he use to drive himself.modifieds in nj.but i dont understand what he is doing now.hes either got something else on his mind or he just dont want to be owner no more.

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    I am a hudge Kahne Fan. He is cute. I love his personality. He is one of the most respectful drivers out there. Kasey has a positive attitude when he is having a bad day and never gives up.

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    I liked the number 9 Dodge when Bill Elliot drove. I just like Dodge and since the 9 car was a dodge dealer sponsored car. When Kahne came on and did a pretty good job for a rookie. He is young so he will be in NASCAR for a long while God willing. He doesn't cause controversy and is modest.

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    i have to answer this one even though i am a #29 fan, i would say i am a kahne fan to a degree i guess since i think he is a genuine type of person!!! he seems very shy... but humble he is intelligent and has been a very consistent driver and has had more than a few wins soooo he's a good kid id have to say.... he swept fontana in sept 06 i was there in the pits and got some great photos of him crossing the finish line and his burnouts..... and the cars coming past me off the track all banged up and engines rarin it was sweet!!! my bf is a kahne fan!!!


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    I'm not the biggest Kasey K fan, he seems like a nice guy, and had a great last yr, his team seems to get getting it together, I'd like to see him get some wins...Its going to be hard seeing in the bud driving suit next yr, he is so little, and he doesn't look like he is the drinking kind. But he should make some great commericals, maybe he can take the 3 allstate gals with him...

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    I like Kasey because he is a great driver.

    He drives the car like he stole it....FAST!!

    He races hard, but clean. He doesn't play the "Blame Game" when things go bad for him like some drivers do. He is respectful to other drivers as well as his fans.

    Although you know he may be mad about a wreck or DNF, he doesn't throw a temper-tantrum when things don't go his way. He takes it like the MAN that he is!!! No one like to lose, but when he does, he's nothing but PURE CLASS!!!

    Source(s): Go Kasey!!!! 9 is FINE!!!
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    I like Kasey Kahne because he's talented and he doesn't whine when he gets wrecked by another driver. Plus, he is hot!

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    1 decade ago

    I think he's a good driver with a lot of bad luck this year. I hope next year things will turn around for him.

    Go Jr.>>>>

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