I keep Crying?

For the first time in a year and a half I have to put my little daughter in daycare or have someone watch her. I'm so upset. I wanted to raise her myself but now ive reached a point where i have to put her in daycare. The fact of her being alone and me not being there is so upsetting. I've been crying all day and can't stop. Can someone please guide me to wheat i should do???

which is better putting her in a home based daycare or bringing someone to my house to watch her??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I remember the first time I had to leave my daughter at a sitter, I was heartbroken and nervous as heck.

    I worked for a company that has a daycare, but that didn't work out because I had to walk past several times and she would see me and throw a fit.

    A friend of mine told me about a HOME daycare that she use to send her children to. I had an interview with this woman and came in on a day when she had the children.

    She was wonderful, My daughter loved her and everything went so well, until the sitters hubby was in a car accident and she had to close down her day care.

    Anyway, this lady let me call anytime I had the urge to call.

    She welcomed it! She was wonderful.

    I liked the fact that my daughter was with other children.

    You need to research day-cares, Ask other people that have children whom they use. Personally I wouldn't hire a sitter to come to my home, unless it was family, My mom or Mother-n-law...

    My grandson whom is 3 goes to daycare and loves it. He loves playing with the other kids, they do so much fun things.

    He even gets to ride the bus to and from. So he feels like a big boy.

    Like I said do lots and lots of research. Ask around. And dont settle for anything but the best.

    Good Luck, faith

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