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Anyone seen the 11th hour?

What did you think of it. Compared to inconvient truth?

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    Haven't seen it but I'm aware of it and the basic message it conveys.

    There are similar movies, documentaries etc that tackle the subject of climate change but most of them fail to take an objective look, preferring instead to take 'sides'. To this end facts can be overlooked or distorted.

    Whilst the basic premise is sound enough and the material is based on documented scientific evidence, it does over dramatise the effects of climate change and portray a more extreme version of events than is really the case.

    As with so many similar presentations relating to climate change, it's a case of reading between the lines and keeping things in perspective.

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    It was very boring compared to "An Inconvenient Truth". It tried to cover WAY too many topics in a short amount of time. Lots of talking heads, graphs that were on the screen for just a second and gone before you could study them, and MTV-style cuts of video. There was not a cohesive narrative thread that tied it all together.

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    Not yet it's only quarter past nine at the moment

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    looking at the box office receipts, it appears no one has seen it.

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    It's a figure of speech...Geeeeze. Don't they filter these questions?

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