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Every cop car should be equipped with automatic assault rifle?

Criminals are becoming more brazen, opening fire with automatic assault rifles on police officers armed with only semiautomatic pistols and sometimes shotguns. Should our law enforcement officers have automatic assault rifles in their patrol cars, so they can fight back when they come under attack by a deranged individual intent on massacring the police?


steven_c, I am only glad to hear that if you are a cop.

Update 2:

I looked up AR-15 on Wikipedia and learned that it is a semiautomatic rifle based on the M-16. I suppose the AR-15 is good for police work, especially in the hands of a shooter who can make every shot count.

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    I have a AR-15 in my car.

    Source(s): 10 years as an officer.
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    Extended magazines seem to be the sticking point here. A drum magazine holding 100 rounds is just too hard for a significant part of the population to deal with. Even forty and down to 20 round magazines give people pause. All the rest of a semi auto is just cosmetic and shouldn't really be questioned. The fact that they 'look' military and wicked shouldn't be the issue...though it probably will be. As a 'gun guy' myself I'd be okay with dropping the magazines back to the ten to 15 rounders, but leaving the rest of it as is. I doubt if that alone will stop future legislation. Of course after giving something up what do get in return? Probably nothing. I suspect at the federal level that firearms of any kind will no longer be allowed in interstate commerce, and several states will create impossible to jump through loops....such as some states now do to 'prevent' abortions. I don't know how this is going to play out....except a lot of people are going to go out and buy guns NOW and stock up on ammunition. None of these new laws, should they be passed will make a difference, but get braced for them......this last nut was one nut too many....sad but true!

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    I can't think of any department in California that doesn't have a rifle in the car, the term is Patrol Rifle and they have been common for years now. Most are AR-15 but some prefer the G36.

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    Semi auto yes. As well as a shotgun.

    I have my pistol (.40 cal) backup (.40 cal) my 12 guage shotgun in my cruiser as well as an AR-15.

    I do have a less than lethal weapon, a shotgun that is used to shoot bean bag rounds at suspects. (different than regular shotty)

    Criminals can get weapons so easily, but police agencies have so many forms, procedures and trainings to go through to ensure that they give the weapons to safe qualifed shooters.

    Criminals just need to fork over the cash pick up the weapon and shoot. Most dont care who they hit once the bullets start flying.

    Source(s): Police Officer
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    I think semi automatic is what is appropriate, These fire one bullet for every squeeze on the trigger.Full automatics are like machine guns. They keep firing until you release the trigger.

    Police, unlike soldiers, have to account where every bullet hits.

    Full auto are only useful in SWAT applications,not for general police work. Where I work as a cop we have M4 semi autos .223 caliber, thirty round mags.

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    Sounds like a winner to me. The law has been out gunned by the criminals and their illegal guns for many years. I think law enforcement should be equipped with the best equipment money can buy. Law Enforcement are the ones who will also be protecting us in case of a terrorist attack. I know when we are on high alert, they know that this is their first priority, everything else is second.

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    The criminals do.

    ☀CRIUS☀, someone who posts anti-American things, asks questions about becoming a pilot in the US and keeps threatening that the citizens of the USA will be in grave danger in a few years. Hmmm....

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    They are going to need everything in future. From M-16 to Rocket Launcher. Probably in 3-4 Years from now.

  • Yes. The very weapons our soldiers are using in fact. They haven't got much of a chance otherwise.

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