Isn't this a waste of brain cells?

I remember when the View 1st came on. As a matter of fact The View and Rosie were my favorite daytime tv shows. I stopped watching the View in the 3rd season. I will watch it every once and awhile if I am home sick or whatever. It is the biggest waste of 1 hour of a persons life. These woman spend more time trying to out talk each other while in the process totlly missing the point of the topic. I watched todays episode, wanted to see if it had changed every since Whoopie joined. And the answer is a loud heckling "NO". 1st of all Elisabeth has the most twisted and blurred thoughts humanly possible. The position she takes on topics is way out there in outer space. Why is she still there? She doesn't make the show exciting she makes it nosiy and ignorant. She thinks she knows it ALL and makes the worst arguments when trying to prove a point. The only two on there that shoukd remain is Barbara and Joy. Better yet cancel the entire joke/show. What is your View of the View?

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  • Ice
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    1 decade ago
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    I watched it once and thought of the 50's phrase 'a bunch of cackling hens'.

  • Jenn
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    1 decade ago

    I watch the show now but not as religious as the first few years. I like Elisabeth but then we share a lot of views. I get really pissed at Joy and her views they seem far off to me. I guess the whole point to this show is to hear different points form different age groups and political parties. It was to political with Rosie and the show did not interest me much at all, I grew very tired of listening to her rant and rave at Elisabeth and how she could not know anything because she was younger than she.

    So again the show makes people talk. Normally someone on the panel has the same view as one of us at home. I personally don't find Elisabeth's views twisted or blurred.

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