what do you all a non-atheist?

is there a name for a person who is NOT an atheist?


Okay, and a theist is? and why are they named? are they really different enough to be named?

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    i think the difference between believing in a god and beleiving that no gods exist is quite different, yes.

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    theist if you believe in god(s)

    monotheist if you specifically believe in one god.

    pantheist if you believe in many gods

    agnostic if you neither believe nor disbelieve in god

    EDIT: BGrimey-

    Sorry you don't know how to read. It must be tough going though life that stupid and angry. Awfully haughty for a functional illiterate, aren't we? Hmm

    I'll try to correct your stupidity insofar as it is possible, however I am sure this only scratches the surface..

    Theist - Believe`s in god. Specifically an All powerful - All knowing - All Good being. Belief that God created everything but He is separate and distinct from his creation. (BS)

    No, a theist implies a belief in gods or many gods. That is the meaning of the word theist. It is the opposite of atheist. An atheist believes that there are no god(s) and a theist believes that there are/is god(s). Duh.

    And by the way, the person didn't ask for an editorial, she asked about a word. See the difference there? Oh, wait, I forgot about your not being able to read...my bad.

    Montheist...(ha!) Yes, belief that there is one god, like you said. But the word is monotheist, not montheist. See MONO means ONE. As is, MONOgamous (one sexual partner) MONOlogue (one person speaking) see where I am going with this? A monotheist believes is in one god, whereas merely being a theist means that you believe in god(s) of some sort. I know the distinction is difficult, but as I tell my 8 year old nephew...it s all in the dictionary. BTW, neither being a theist or a monotheist implies, on its own, that you believe in an omnipotent god.

    See how that works? We use words like "building blocks" sometimes. In this instance, we use an A or a MONO to modify the word theist. So if theist is a belief god(s) that means to be a monotheist is to specifically believe in one god and if we put the A in front of theist, we negate the belief and we get atheist. These are examples what's (ooh, a contraction! amazing!) known in English as prefixes. I've posted a link here so you can learn more about them:


    As for your definition of agnostic, I don't even know where to begin. You state, "Belief that whether God exists or not is "unknowable" to human beings. Belief without knowledge. Not being indifferent as you stated. " No, it is not belief without knowledge, it is lack of belief. Since they believe that it is unknowable whether or not god(s) exist...follow me here...and since agnostics, by definition, require proof before they will believe either way....that means, ta-da! they neither believe or disbelieve in god, they are holding out for the evidence! And I never said they were indifferent, but I guess that would be hard for you to know with the whole not-being-able-to-read-thing you're up against.

    As for your definition of pantheism, actually that is closer to Panentheism, but that is a five syllable word, and I think we have already established that you can't go that high.

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    A theist is not an ATHEIST! The prefix A- means non.

    Source(s): An old man who is not an atheist.
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    they cre called thiests. if you're in college and majoring in religion, your degree is called theology, and the individuals are thiests....athiest is just the opposite....

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    Theist, idiot, gullible, weak, Delusional,

    (Ordinary wack Job), non realist, brainwashed, Evolutionarily Mal-function,

    By-product of bad parenting, wolves in sheep clothes, Soul condemners, Hell fire preachers, misogynist, Mentally ill.......

    Edit: Joanby - Sorry you got you facts all wrong.

    Theist - Believe`s in God. Specifically an All powerful - All knowing - All Good being. Belief that God created everything but He is seperate and distinct from his creation. (BS)

    Montheist - Belief in One God.

    Polytheist - Belief in many Gods.

    Pantheist - Belief that God is not seperate from nature. You, I, the cosmos are all god.

    The All.

    Agnostic - Belief that whether God exists or not is "unknowable" to human beings. Belief without knowledge. Not being indifferent as you stated.

    Joanby- You`re an idiot! Agnostic need proof to believe in God? Stupid broad, they contend no proof can prove God does or does not exist. Therefore the question is Unkownable.And what about pantheism. You said it`s the belief in many Gods. No retard that is polytheism. Just quit will your ahead, your only making yourself look more stupid!

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