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Does anybody know how to float a cup using telekinesis like on criss angel mindfreak?

I want to know how to float a cup using telekinesis.

someone pleeeeaaaase tell me!


(p.s. he makes the cup float without touching it)

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    I've never seen Criss Angel Mindfreak, so I cant comment on that.

    However, telekinesis is very possible, though it takes time, meditation, and focus to acheive. It comes easier to some than others, but I can tell you that floating a cup would not be the easiest thing to start with.

    Try this instead if you're really interested:

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    you need a styrofoam cup you can poke your thumb through. put a whole near the bottom of the cup just big enough to get the top part of your thumb through, and then hold the rest of your hands away from the cup. the camera angles and that make it look like its floating in mid air. thats how chris angel does it, he showed it on one of the episodes.

    edit: yes, he does touch it. i saw on tv, him showing exactly how he does it. like, i lauged so hard because it really is that simple. you can find the video on you tube if you want, i went and looked up a bunch of his tricks on there one day. trust me. i love magic and i love knowing how to do this stuff. my fiance is sitting behind me and he says "i saw it too" so yeah, youve got two people now telling you thats how its done

    Source(s): its not telekinesis, its an illusion. you can find out how to do any of his tricks if you buy the dvds he sells that show you how. i did the levitating thing up an escalator the other day. it was fun
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    Using telekinesis? Nope. I can tell you right now NO ONE knows how to do that. You can, however, buy what is called "invisible string" from a magic supply vendor. Technically it's not "invisible," but it's so fine that it is very hard to see with the naked eye.

    Here's a link:

    ( )

    So now you can quit sitting around giving yourself a headache trying to concentrate on a styrofoam cup...

    Source(s): Several years of doing magic...
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    You don't really think its real, do you?

    Search on youtube for criss angel. You can find all sorts of videos showing how he does many of his tricks. In fact HE even puts some clips there to show how certan tricks are done.

    If you happen to find a clip about the trick with the cup, after you watch it you'll think "wow, that was so simple. I can't believe I didn't figure that out."

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    Yeah, get thin string that looks invisible from a few feet away and tie it to the cup.

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    What planet do you live on, exactly? Study physics--you'll find the answer there.

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    u idiot, its all camera tricks and everyone is in on it, its called fishing lines and good editing, god get a brain

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