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Would my subwoofers sound better in the trunk or my back seat?

I have a 10 inch kicker sub in my back seat connected to a 450 watt 4 channel amp and it doesnt sound very good at all. You can barely hear the bass. Would it sound better in the trunk?

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    if it doesnt sound good in the back seat it wont sound any better in the trunk. if by some chance that it does, your trunk will rattle like crazy. the subs in my car rattle my trunk so loud sometimes i can hear it above the music and my music is played so loud you can hear it over 100 ft. away...hope that helps

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    first you have check your wiring and maybe you have to check if the woofer is blown. if it is alright then put the woofer in the trunk but face it towards the front, this will help, the closed trunk will take a low sound but make sound much better in the front. if you check the rms of your woofer then you will know what size of amp you will need. the bigger amp is not always better.

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    you should try and get a different amp maybe a 2 channel

    and i agree with NT

    i have 2-15's Kickers Comp with a 2400watt amp 2 Ch in my trunk and its loud

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    mine is in the trunk and it sounds great.... but i always thought in the back seat they sound better.... maybe you should relook yours

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