Is Juicy Couture REALLY made in the U.S.A--or even worth it?

my friend keeps buying so much juicy stuff, and she doesn't even take into consideration me and all my other friends tell her she can find the same stuff in mervyns and macys for like 70% cheaper except it doesn't say juicy on it.

I heard somewhere juicy isn't really made in the usa? Can someone help me with some facts against juicy so my friend stops blowing all her (not even hers, she found some jar in her kitchen with tons of money in it and she goes shopping like once a week to go blow it on juicy...for example if someone gave her 500 bucks she'd go straight to juicy) money on it? i'm not trying to control her i'm just worried because she's spent like 1000 dollars of money thats not even hers. She expects to repay the money in the jar...please, if you can just provide me with some facts that prove juicy is NOT worth it please tell me. i just want to try one more time to stop blowing all the money on juicy. barely anyone even wears juicy at our school anymore.


quote my friend:

"and i'm a caligirl now. get with the program"

Update 2:

also if you walk into her room she has juicy bags and juicy ribbons posted up everywhere and the bags are set around her room like they're some sort of display. if you go on her laptop the background is juicy...idk, she just seems obsessive. i have SOME juicy things, but she never wears something that's not brandname.

Update 3:

The reason i dont trust she'll pay it back is because she's 13 and she's spent 1000 bucks on it. even i have some juicy stuff, but i'm just saying i want just to try just one more time to get her to stop what she's doing, stealing money and buying overpriced clothes.

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    Personally, I love Juicy. I would rather not shop at Mervyns.


    You're fiend is an idiot! That money must belong to her parents. What if they were saving up for something really important, or something bad happens, some kind of emergency, and they don't have their emergency cash?! She is going to be in sooooooo much trouble when they find out she spent it on clothes! You should really consider ditching the little thief, because that's exactly what she is! She is a selfish, rotten person who cares only about herself! She is stealing from her parents, is she really the kind of person you want to be hanging around with?

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    I can picture that. I was embarrassed to get in those Ross stores too, but I start to understand that USA has a big commercial agreement with China. All most all come from there, (except food) from high end clothing to the cheapest thing. All designers like Armani etc are in China. She is not buying a product made by the finest hands of...lets get real, to pay and European/American worker costs a lot. The same factory that makes for juice probably does for any other unknown brand. tell her to put the money on retirement so she will have money later or a house to store all that :)

  • 5 years ago

    Most apparel units from Juicy Couture are made in China or Taiwan. Just noticed in these days in a shop on a t-blouse tag: "designed in glamorous USA, made in Peru"... anything like that. However, plenty of fakes are from China additionally, you have got to appear at tags, best, main points, and many others. If you realize Juicy you'll inform if it is false or no longer

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    first of all i really don't think u should get invlolved in your friend's buisness, second of all there is nothing wrong with juicy! i love it!!! and if she lies it for the style (and the logo! lol!!) then u should let her like it, y do u want 2 dish up facts about?!?! i must say juicy is soooo comfy!!! my dad went 2 school with 1 of the people who started it so i know that t is like an actual california girl!! plus it probabaly IS made in "the glamourous usa" as juicy says it! so please it is best if u just lay off your friend's case!! i mean would u like it if someone was telling you not 2 wear wut u wear because u r spending too much money on it!!! if she said she was going 2 pay the money back then y don't u trust her! she is YOUR friend and u should truse her 4 that!! if she said she was gonna pay it back then i bet in a couple years ofworking, allowance, bday money, etc. she can do it!! so just 4 your own good stay off her case or u might get into a HUGE fight and not be friends anymore!!! juicy IS worth it!! it is stylish, comfy, and trendy!!! also.... mervyns is like soooo gross!!! i have NEVER bought anything there and don't want to!!! there is a huge difference between mervyns and juicy!!!! the quality for juicy is much better and mervyns isn't half as cute!!!

    so sorry i made this really long but this is what i think!!


    p.s. wut did u mean in the additional details??? "i am a caligirl now" does she mean the brand caligirl??? or does she mean like she is like a cali. girl?!?! o and if she means she is like 1 i should know because i AM an actual cali girl!!! i live in l.a. near beverly hills!!!! :)

    also the laptop wallpaper thing is ok and the ribbon thing is like normal same with my room!!! she does seem a little obsessive!! and she should of asked 4 the money!!

    Source(s): I LOVE JUICY!!!!! so much that i wrote this all off the top of my mind!!!!
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    its not worth it because i find it in the thrift store and sell it on ebay...although it is made in the US, you can find fake juicy items in the flea market...i wouldn't recommend it....if i were her and HAD to buy clothes i'd but something a little less some really sexy jeans and a really nice purse.....with maybe a sexy top....juicy couture isn't all that great looking if you ask me...i would have about 20 designers i'd rather spend my money on....half the stuff doesn't even look that great...its just average....maybe one velour outfit would be cute....but too much is just tacky...who wants juicy allover thier butt anyway...TACKY...kinda ghetto in fact....don't worry though...when her family or whoever finds out she will be in big trouble and you probably won't hear from her for awhile cause she will be working to pay for all those tacky clothes she bought.....oh welll...guess some of us learn the hard way...

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    Juicy is way overpriced. Yes some of the clothes are nice but this seems a little obsessive. For one thing, this is stolen money. You may want to nicely tell your friend that this is wrong.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    iono...i have like...ONE fake juicy neckelace from China...weird huh? but they do have real ones in China too...i think they may be MADE there too?

    she can totally go buy other things at like...pacsun, forever21, hollister, a/f...if she's willing to spend her money on that i say go to those stores cuz u will get rlly cute clothes there definitely cheaper...

    u can leave her alone...she'll figure it out herself once she's...older? or in the future...

  • 1 decade ago

    personally i think juicy is ugly for its price. it looks like little kid stuff that is wayyyyy over priced.

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