San Diego! Plans Changed. Spending two weeks in Diego with my girlfriend who I want to tell I Love her?

What place(s) in San Diego would make for a nice romantic unforgettable spot to tell someone that you Love them. This is huge because I already know that she is the one I want to marry so this has to be perfect.

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  • Pat D
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    1 decade ago
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    I've got three really great choices for you.

    First is the meditaitation gardens of the Self Realization Temple in Encinitas (if you aren't familiar with the area, it's about a half hour drive up the coast from downtown.) It's on a bluff overlooking the ocean, open to the public Tue-Sat 9-5, Sun 11-5. It's beautiful, quiet, and there's an ocean view spot that is simply spectacular. It's where my guy told me he loved me so of course it's special, but gotta say he picked the perfect place. If you envision telling her in a beautiful place with a panoramic ocean view during the day, this would be the place. Here's some pictures:;_ylt=...

    Choice number two: Good one if you imagine telling her at sunset, right next to the ocean. I saw a guy propose on the outdoor dining patio at sunset to his girl at the Beach House Restaurant in Cardiff (again, about a half hour drive up the coast from downtown). Definitely you have to reserve for the downstairs outdoor patio (not inside). There aren't a lot of tables, and they are sufficiently far away from each other so you have some privacy. They are right on a beautiful stretch of beach; at night the adjacent restaurants have a spotlight on the surf....very romantic and the food's good too. I love going there and always sit on the downstairs patio. You will be using their valet parking; don't bother trying to self-park. Here are some photos; there are two photos in these series from the downstairs patio (they are the ones with the big boulders next to the patio). Also a great place to walk on the beach after dinner. Photos (see "image gallery" link from this web page):

    My third suggestion for you, Bertrand at Mr. A's, would be if you imagine telling her on the patio of a rooftop restaurant overlooking the downtown skyline. Make sure you call days in advance to set up reservations for the outdoor patio, as reservations fill up quickly. This place will be more pricey than the Beach House as this is one of the top restaurants in town, with one of the most spectacular views. From there you can see the harbor, Balboa Park, the planes landing at the airport and the downtown skyline. Very romantic and a view you will never forget. Here's a link:

    All three of these suggestions are great choices, and you'd have to figure out which is more of the atmosphere you are looking for.

    If you really want to have a wonderful time in San Diego, why not go to all three. Only Bertrand at Mr. A's will be a budget buster; the meditation gardens are free, and the Beach House has early bird specials that can make dining very reasonable. Also, Beach House is a great place for weekend breakfast or lunch as well. Both Bertrand and Beach House have great patio heaters so you don't have to worry about the temperature for outdoor'll always be perfect.

    Have a great time in San Diego.

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    I loved Balboa park and the walk with all the museums

    there is a little fountain area near the Old Globe theater that is really beautiful

    and there is a gorgeous restaurant that people have gotten married at on the balcony/patio area

    Then there is always the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island. I was married there on the beach.

    *** Make sure that you get a map and ask her what she'd like to do. There are a gazillion places to go around San Diego, have fun!

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    Two of the most gorgeous places I know in San Diego on the coast are Sunset Cliffs, and the bar At the Top Of The Hyatt (on Harbor Dr).

    You could also take her to Julian (VERY rustic and cozy), or you could head to La Jolla, or Del Mar.

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    I think on the beach in La Jolla. They have nice little gazebos, all along the ocean. It is next to the seals. You can go just far enough away from then, and you won't smell them. Then watch the ocean, and let her know how you feel.

    I also liked the idea of the hotel Del Coronado. You can have dinner on the beach there, and walk to the hotel. You can even let her know on the way there as you walk.

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  • stig
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    1 decade ago

    La Jolla is pretty romantic. It's where my Dad proposed to my Mom. Coronado Island is also a pretty nice spot. Balboa park too. Torrey pines is secluded & peaceful.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My best ideal place is Shelter Island Drive, walk next to the harbor at night in clear sky while full moon and see the moon shine through the dark waters as the city skyline reflects the waters..

    VERY ROMANTIC.. It is got benches to sit in there too. It is quiet, and peaceful.

  • 1 decade ago

    The pier on coronado island at night with the view of downtown!! Then take her for an ice cream in the little shopping area. Love and Ice Cream.

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