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Should I/we be concerned?

My dogs water and food bowl are ceramic. they are painted beige with a black strip on the outside, and painted black inside. i have had them for about 2 years. i just remembered they were made in china. do you think it is possible that chinese made dog bowls may be painted with lead based paints? if so, do you think it poses a danger to the dogs?

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    good looking out get some stainless dishes for the pooch.

    Then, no worries.

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    Uhhh ... wow ... never thought of something like that. I always use stainless bowls because they're unbreakable. If you've been using your ceramic bowls for 2 years and your dogs have been okay so far, I wouldn't be too concerned. Still, replace the bowls if you're worried about it.

    I think I should run downstairs and check to see where my dollar-store coffee mug was made .....

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    I doubt it. The paint would have been glazed over so the water wouldn't seep through the bowl. Glaze is that glassy coating that keeps it watertight and easily washable-- and lead won't go through glaze into the water.

    But if you're still worried, you might want to get new bowl just to be safe. I'm lucky-- my mom is a potter so I know all her stuff is safe.

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    I don't trust the glazed pottery bowls sold for pets. I use stainless steel for my water bowls and paper plates for food. A new paper plate each meal ensures a clean and safe meal. Water bowls are washed every day in mild soap and hot water, then rinsed, and rinsed again, and rinsed again.

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    That is always possible. Actually, if it hasn't killed your dogs or made them sick, you may not have a problem but I am a firm believer in "Better safe than sorry" and I would replace the bowls.

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    Personally, I don't use anything but stainless steel.

    Ceramic is porous and can collect bacteria, which can be harmful.

    I believe I would invest in some stainless bowls.

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    It's very possible.. I guess you would have to get it tested.. We use only stainless dishess.. They can be cleaned easier.. and you don't have to worry about lead paint..

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    I would go out and buy stainless st. bowls tomorrow! Why take any chances?!

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    well if u had it for two would have seen danger in like just a few months after you got the you should be fine....but if u want a new bowl for them...petsmart has the best!

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    Good question. I havent heard of anything like that, but I guess anythings possible at this point.

    If it worried me I would just stop using them, just for peace of mind..

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