When does it stop?

I am a senior in high school. I've always had trouble in school. Never with my academics, but mainly the rules. I feel as though i have no rights when i go to school. As if they could make any rule they wanted to on the spot and i would have no choice but to correspond to it or i would suffer the consequences. I'm not talking about normal rules like no fighting etc. for example.

1. The students at my school are expected to wear an I.D badge around their neck every day. If you are to lose this I.D then you have to buy a new one or you have to pay for a temporary one. If you cannot pay when it comes time to graduate you will not graduate. When did it become okay to charge students in public school so the school could profit?

2. If i don't turn my homework in the day it is due i have to spend FOUR HOURS of my time after school one day. Since when did it become okay to force students to go to school extra time?? Some of us can't do that we have jobs!


3. If my cell phone gets taken up at any time during the school day [which according to when i got in trouble for this exact situation is before the actual time school starts] for a second time, i have to pay 15 dollars to get my phone back. Since when was it okay for someone to take my property and then charge me again for it?

4. I have been told multiple times it is a privlage to go to the restroom. Since when is it a privlage to preform a natural human function! I'm pretty sure that peeing is up there with breathing?

5. Last year i had to take the bus to school. If you rode the bus to school in the mornings you had to go inside a gym seperate from the cafeteria [where everyone who did not ride a bus was] and you are not allowed to go into the cafeteria. Does this sound like discrimination?

There are countless other obscene rules.

I've even been told at my school that i have no rights when im at school.

If i am a citizen of the U.S. why do i have no rights?

Update 2:

i should not have to pay for an id that someone else wants me to wear in the first place. And i have never lost my id, i am saying this because i look around and see this happening and i dont feel it is just. I also do not have a problem turning my homework in on time, but as i said before i look around and this is unjust. I should not be responsible to pay for an id my school wants me to wear when my parents pay taxes for me to go to school. Our tax dollars are already paying their wages, etc. so why should i have to pay additional? This question was not an opportunity for someone to personally attack me. Im not looking for whether or not you think i did my homework, that is not the point of it. And if i have rights why do my teachers tell me that i don't?

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    It's just training for the real world. It never stops. You don't even wanna know what the interest rates are like if you file your tax return late and turn out to owe money. If your rent is a day late, some places charge 50 bucks. If you lose your driver's license, your birth certificate, your marriage certificate etc....guess what? It costs money to get a replacement. If you park your car in the wrong place, it will be towed at your expense. At work, if you mess up and forget to do something you were supposed to do, guess who gets to stay late and fix any problems it caused? You! And so it goes.

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    It doesn't stop. Life has lots of rules and some jobs have more rules than others. If you can't find a way to work within the framework of the school's rules, then you will have a very difficult time if you move on to a typical job. Perhaps your age has something to do with your rebellious attitude. However, you may be the type that can never fit comfortably inside the confines created by the rules of others. You will come to a point where you either learn to exist inside those confines or you will have to learn an occupation where you can exert the most control over your environment. Even then, I imagine you will gripe very loudly at the rules and regulation required to be self-employed and paying your own taxes. You will want to find ways to change the rules that you don't like and can influence, you will benefit from avoiding circumstances that will subject you to rules that you don't like and can't change, and wisdom/experience will teach you the difference in the two and will show you the times where you will have to buckle down and perform certain actions regardless of how you feel about the rule.

    But, this is not all negative. In fact, people such as yourself can be some of the most creative and free-thinkers around. However, if you constantly fight all of the rules, you will burn out and usually wind up bitter and angry, complaining about how everyone else is holding you back. The other extremem turns you into something that you won't like either, a boot-licking yes-man. Your greatest joy will come in finding the balance using the talents and abilities that you have.

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    I don't think the school is trying to make money off students. An ID badge is a form of protection from unlawful/unwanted persons entering the building(the horror stories).

    The homework problem can easily be resolved. Keep a daily planner of what needs to be done and check off what is accomplished to avoid having to spend 4 hours extra.

    Edit; you have rights. The school also has rules/regulations that must accompany and accommodate all students. However unnecessary or stupid some rules are, they are there for a reason.

    You're almost done. Just hang in there.

    Edit; I hate to break it to you, and I'm sure you realize this with the continued discomfort you've displayed, but life has all kinds of rules and regulations(laws). It's nice to know that you as a student are questioning these things while many just go on day-to-day without thinking twice. Whether it's just or not, it is what it is. Do something if you're not satisfied with the current policies in place. Start a petition and use the student body to combat those rules and regulations. Do something other than complain. Turn your angst into a just cause.

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    Yes you're a us citizen but you are still a child and children much like adults have rules. hon you don't know how good you have it here in America. so what if your school charges for a new id you're the one that lost it. the school cannot be accountable for your mistakes when you're the on that makes them. every school charges for ids. If you have a problem with the homework rule again its your fault because you're the one that needs to get it done, and besides that its done for your own benefit. if you have other obligations such as having to be to work on time then its probably a wise decision to get your homework done when its suppose to be. I mean you wasted several minutes here complaining about what you didn't have and how bad the school was to you. Just get over it or enjoy it because in a few months you'll be in the real world with no one to hold your hand along the way and I can guarantee it that you won't like it much either.

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    Your school sounds like it's being run by a bunch of control freaks, and I'm a parent! I can understand the requirement to wear your ID, but I can't understand the cellphone rule. Seems if it was taken away for 48 hours that would be enough to make kids leave it off.

    You have only 10 months of your very long life to go there. Cope with it and if you want, you can plan to take over the school board one day after you go to college.

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    living in a society were more and more we are among more and more people requires more and more rules!

    that's the price for living in densely populated areas..but if you live in Montana for example, with no one around there are very few rules out there, because you have no one around to affect...! understand?

    the more people you live around requires more rules.

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    It sounds like your school is run like a prison. Personally, I would change schools if possible.

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    Sure you have rights. You also have responsibilities. Does that surprise you?

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