100 AK's on the wall take one down pass it around ...?

I'm looking at buying an AK-47 before the evil ban around the corner thats probably going to come up. I've always wanted one but now I'm more serious into buying one with the upcoming election thats going to clinton up the gunlaws again. So now my question is whats the difference? LoL there's 100 different AK's on the market from USA, romanian, hungarian and more. Whats a good make? These WASR-10's or russian seem to be cheaper but really is there a difference besides a bayonet lug and furniture coloring and stocks? I'm looking to put some little add ons like a surefire light and maybe an EOtech site. I know more about the AR's than the AK's.

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    1 decade ago
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    Best 3 AK's:

    1)Arsenal USA

    2)Arsenal USA

    3)Arsenal USA

    Source(s): 30 years firearms experience
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