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Who is running for president of the US this year?


Next year I mean

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    sometime before November 2008 your state will have a primary election (more about this later) so it is good you ask. I have a New Hampshire absentee ballot to send in February

    here are the Democratic Party candidates

    here are the Republican Party candidates

    there are a lot of them right now

    but a state primary votes for which is the best Democrat or best Republican. After a few states, most candidates will see they can't win and drop out. Before half the states are done, we will know the final Democratic and Republican candidates.

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    Ron Paul all the rest are clones of each other no matter if a D or a R follow after there name

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    President Bush.

    Oh, sorry, I thought you asked who was running away.

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    The election is next year so technically, no one. Read a newspaper once in a while.

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    1 decade ago

    Been living under a rock lately.

  • Esther
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    1 decade ago

    Bill O' Reilly, don't forget to vote for him.

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    that amount of times this question is asked drives me crazy!!!

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    Who isn't???????

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