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Buddhists: Is there a a special type of bad karma that comes back to you immediately & in the same way?

There is a guy who I loathe. Every time I try to do something bad to him it comes back to me quickly and in the same way I try to wrong him. I've never seen bad karma work in this way before? Why?

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    Well, as my lama says, if you set up the causes for suffering, you will only get suffering. Doing something bad will only bring bad consequences, and doing something bad with the intention of harming someone is even worse.

    So no way out here. Instant karma does happen.

    If that guy is really, really bad, just think that you only need to see him sometimes and for a relatively short period. He has to bear himself all the time. That is pain enough, just leave him suffer alone.

    Source(s): Buddhist student, and I have experienced instant karma a lot!
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    I'm not sure you are talking about Buddhists specifically. I believe in reincarnation, but not instant karma. Wicca believes that whatever you do to someone else it comes back at you, only worse. But karma is for another life, not this one. Besides this loathing and hating and getting even as well as other negative emotions only hurts the person holding these feelings. Not the one they feel this way towards.

    may peace be with you


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    Instant Karma

    Source(s): it's gonna get you!
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    I think think this type of karma comes for many reasons. When you have bad energy, especially if you do harm with it, you are physically and spiritually harming yourself. So you may become clumsy, or your thinking might not be straight so you could mess stuff up.

    But I think also that negative energy will eventually attract more of it towards itself. So when you feel negative, you are bringing negative consequences. The more negativity put out the worse the consequences.

    Of course then there's non-relation bad luck- when you just get stuck in the crossfire.

    Source(s): I'm not Buddhist though. This is just my belief.
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    Budhism and Hinduism is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They believe in Karma and Dharma. Obviosly this kind of spiritual stuff is hard to prove, but for every imoral and unethical thing you do, you will eventually have to suffer for this lifetime...or the next lifetime.

    Maybe its a hint from the man upstairs..dont hate a human being, even if he/she hates you. This is your chance to change yourself, your attitude, and become a better person....

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    Dude, you've got really bad luck.

    And Why do you want to do something bad to another human bieng? Wise people say that refrain from hurting others, its one of the things that differenciates you from an animal.

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    yea !!! AIDS .

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