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why scaffolds need to be inspected within the preeceding 7 days and after adverse weather condition?

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    If you have inspected the scaffolding within a week before a storm and then again directly after, you will be able to find damage that happened in the storm. If you hadn't inspected it in a month, you might not be able to tell if the damage you find after the storm was caused by the storm or from something else before the storm that you never saw because it had been so long since the last inspection.

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    Before adverse conditions........ to check that all joints are firm and secure; to check that nothing on the scaffold is likely to be blown off, even in gale force winds; to check that no tarpaulins or screens are fixed to the scaffold in a way in which they could act like sails in high winds and to record the position of all boards and ladders (which must be secure) for future reference.

    After adverse check that the base or foundation of the scaffold remains secure; to check that nothing has moved or worked loose; to check that nothing has landed on the scaffold that should not be there; and that all boards and ladders are still in their recorded positions.

    In this exercise the safety of workers and the public must be guaranteed as far as is humanly possible.

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    Inspection is the best way to save lives on the scaffolds.

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    rust could weaken the metal

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