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Emotional eating?

I tend to eat when I am upset, any thoughts as how I can remedy this problem?

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    This is a toughy..I used to do it too. Just being aware of it is a great start. You might want to look into some counselling. Emotional eating is very hard to defeat by yourself unless your absolutely committed to change. If you're heavy and thinking of losing weight try keeping track of everything you're eating. I've found that having a goal is a good incentive to watch what I eat..Good luck

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    They say that keeping a food journal or even a 'general' journal can help get one's feelings out and such. Perhaps you can talk with a licensed therapist that deals with those with food issues and emotional eating. It's great that you are aware that you tend to do that. I do that myself and I've found that if I keep foods in the house that may be 'triggers' to the emotional eating, it makes it all the more difficult to fight the craving. On the other hand, they say to not deprive oneself of any one food so it can be a Catch-22 :)

    There are 12-step support groups for those that compulsively eat such as overeaters anonymous (OA), food addicts in recovery anonymous (FA) though with FA, there are not nearly as many meetings nationwise as OA and eating disorders anonymous (EDA) though also not as many meetings as OA. Some meetings may have more recovery than others, just fyi. And one may get a sponser who has been thru the 12 steps to act as a mentor. Wishing you great healing and that you get more of a handle on your eating patterns and responses to stress and all kinds of feelings.

    Source(s): www.eatingdisordersanonymous. (website cont) org And here is a site for various resources for those with eating disorders of any kind:
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    Try keeping a journal. For three days, log your eating and write your comments about your emotions. What are you feeling when you overeat? Then you can analyze it and try to abort what's happening before it happens. Also, try attending an OA meeting: Overeaters Anonymous. They're very helpful.

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    I eat when I'm upset too, a couple things I do are knitting, eating something harder (like sunflower seeds) sunflower seeds are great because there not as high in fat as sugar foods are, and it keeps you busy while your watching tv or upset

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