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ok long story short I had been seeing this guy who I knew was emotionally unavailable lol aka didn't want to be in a relationship and even though I am looking for a relationship right now I went for it anyway. He told me not to get attached to him and stuff like that after about a month and it hurt me a lot. So he said he wanted to take it slow, he would call me every other day for about a week and then he slowly stopped calling. I called him once and he never called me back after that. I thought that was it, it was over, and he had just used me and didn't want to talk to me ever again. Well just a few minutes ago, after 2 weeks of not talking to him and a month without seeing him he called me and left me a message saying that he's been thinking about me all week and something was wrong with his phone...blah blah blah. He's calling me back tomorrow what should I do? What do you think he wants?

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    I wasn't going to answer this one because there are too many possibilities. However, after seeing everyone jump to the conclusion that he's a lying con artist out for some quick lovin I had to put in my 2 cents. You said that he told you he wasn't interested in a relationship and not to get attached to him. That sounds like he's been pretty honest to me. If he was a lying con artist, there are much better ways to leave a woman on hold for a while. What more do they expect from a guy? Although the broken phone part sounds a bit suspicious. There is only one phone he could use???

    It's not usual for a guy who is really interested in a gal to not call for a couple of weeks. But guys do get busy or involved with other stuff - maybe on vacation or working on something. Or, "My momma told me, you better shop around".

    That is another typical thing young males do.

    First you decide if you want to accept an on again off again type relationship. If not, discuss what his feelings are. If he still says the same things then at least your eyes are open and you should believe what he says. That way you shouldn't be hurt or feel used. It is your choice to say yes or no based on his honest feelings. If he says he just wants casual dating, and that's the truth, then don't be expecting anything more. More could develop over time, but if he's still shopping around and you push for more it's likely he'll pull away. Just not ready to get tied to one woman. Or maybe your just not right for each other. Hope this helps some.

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    Well for sure, I would not waste my day waiting for that phone call.

    He used the oldest line in the book since the invention of the telephone, "it wouldn't work".

    Well dude, ya actually have to stop partying, grab a phone, stick it to your ear and dial a number to get it to work.

    What a crock.

    To all Girls, when you share your body with a man before he has committed to you, you are opening yourself to Pain, seriously emotional pain.

    You can say no, you will not be a square or a party pooper, you will be protecting a very important, special person, "yourself".

    He is playing games with you, he is not committed to you and told you so in the beginning.

    Unfortunately, he is using you for one thing or another, dump the dude!

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    Well...that kind of depends on what he's gotten in the past. If you've had sex with him I would say that's what he's hoping to get again. If not, then he may have found that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    Listen, when someone tells you they don't want a relationship and that they want to take it slow and you don't listen they are going to back off. If he is seriously interested this time then take it slow and take it easy.

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    You walked into this with eyes wide open - you knew from the getgo that he was emotionally unavailable and went for it anyways. And now you're all confused about what's going on and accusing him of using you when YOU went after HIM.

    Get off the victim stance and decide what you want.

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    I don't beleve his half-a** story about his phone being busted for 2 seconds, if he really wanted to talk with you, he could have borrowed one to tell you about the problem! He was probably runnin around with another girl (or girls) who ultimately dumped him so he comes back to you; like when your cat dissapears for weeks, then returns, and acts like nothing ever happened!

    At least he warned you not to get attached ahead of time; I have to give hime credit for that; a lot of guys wouldn't even have that minimal level of consideration!

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    Feel it out, see if he is truely interested in you and not just setting you up for a "booty call". You will respect yourself much more if you don't sleep with him at least not right away. If he really likes you then he will stick around. If he sees that he isnt going to get any then he may disappear again, if he is interested in YOU then that shouldnt matter. Good luck!

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    Well he probably has all of his ducks in a row and has gotten over what he needed to get over and now he has the emotionally stability he needs to carry on in another relationship and he more then likely wants another chance and whats to go out with you.

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    I'd tell him to get lost. something was wrong with his phone? he couldn't of called from a different phone? sent an e-mail? or even just stopped by to say hi? thats a red flag, stop wasting your time. find someone whose worth it.

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    just what he said, if you try to push a guy into something he isnt ready for he will run, let him chase you now, answer his call when he does call, but dont get all mushy and ****. When they think that you dont want them they will act differently, and dont answer every time he does call...

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