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Does anyone own a salt water tank?

I want to get a salt water fish tank with a sea star and other fish what is the price range and how much work is it?

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    Well, unfortunately the larger the tank you get the easier it is to take care of...

    The minimum you have to buy is:




    filter- $40>




    Water ager->$15

    Test kit (pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, salt)- $30

    You'll need to cycle the tank for about 4 weeks before you can put anything living in there.

    This Means putting saltwater (dechlorinated) in with the filter for a week, put in the substrate and continue filtering for another week, put in all the live rock you want, wait 2 weeks, test water to insure pH is between 8.2 and 8.8, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia are all 0ppm and the water should have a salt gravity level of 1.0223.

    Now you can add you fish...

    Just make sure when you add your fish you're doing it in there groups... eg. put 2 clowns in to begin with, wait 2 weeks and then add an angel, wait 2 weeks then put in tang.

    Make sure all of your fish are compatible. Ask your fish store if you're unsure.

    You can add the sea star and other invertebrates after your tank has cycled to ensure they will last more then 1 month!

    You must test the water each week to ensure the levels haven't spiked.

    Make sure you don't over feed the fish (only feed the amount that they'll eat in 30 seconds), and if you're keeping anemones or coral you may want to get a timer for your light as they can be very touchy if they get too much/not enough light.

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    i in my view think of you're actually not waiting. i'm on the fish section alot and that's purely in keeping with out of your questions. a million. you keep asking why your angelfish is ill or disillusioned once you're putting it in a 5 and 10 gallon aquarium. 2. you nonetheless think of that aquarium salt makes a tank brackish/marine and you reported that someone make a brackish/marine tank for a Goldfish. Saltwater aquariums are fairly high priced. I surprisingly reccomend the minimum of a 30 gallon to domicile fish jointly as 10-20 is sturdy for invert or small gobies. A 30 gallon can value upwards of 500-600 US money. you will would desire to be sure regardless of in case you like a reef, a FOWLR or an FO. A reef is definitely no longer for novices. there is various study in touch. in case you overstocked the aquarium the tank will crash speedy. in case you do no longer mixture the marine salt suitable, fish will die. Its intense maintence and time eating. Saltwater additionally desires particular filters, heaters etcetera which may be pricier in keeping with kind. it actual relies upon on your wal-mart and the study you do.

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    I do and this is what I have.

    light canopy with actinic bulb and daylight bulb suspended over tank

    55 gallon all glass tank

    about 100 lbs crushed coral substrate

    undergravel filter with two powerheads

    power filter

    power filter with protein skimmer a skilter

    about 75 pounds live rock

    4 pieces rock

    nets, food, siphon, 15 gallon bucket for mixing salt water for partials, 4 three gallon buckets, bags of instant ocean mix, magnetic glass cleaner, stress coat, saltwater master test kit, hydrometer, thermometer, submersible heaters

    oh and the stand for the tank

    one yellow tang large

    one rainbow wrasse large

    two clownfish large

    one medium purple tip anenome

    about $2,500.00 for the above

    it's work for sure and there is always something to buy

    The biggest work is the setup and cycling which takes about 2 months and you slowly add living critters

    I love my tank and fish and it's worth the money I get alot of compliments on my marine tank

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    maybe around $400 you need a good size tank, the star fish that cost money depending on size, and salt. you have to be patient and wait a couple of days after mixing the salt before you introduce the star fish to the tank. if you put it in right after it is doom for failure thats how alot of beginners fail

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    It's too much trouble for me.

    You need a big tank, big filters, special lights, heaters, coolers, current controllers. (expensive)

    Consider the electricity. (also expensive) When I was researching getting one, the books and sites I read recommended re-wiring the house and buying a generator! Apparently, they take so much energy, they need "dedicated" lines, and if the power goes out for even a little while, it's fatal. (Very expensive)

    Also, even if you do everything right, the entire tank can up and die on you for no reason.

    Even experts with years of experience have trouble with them.

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    Expensive and time consuming~quite the joy though~please do not get a tang if you plan to purchase anything under 100 gallons-

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    Yes I Have .... But Sorry I am So Far !!

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