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Homework help please !?

i need help. you have to write and algebraic model:

A car travels at an average speed of 45 miles per hour for 8 miles, reduces its speed by 15 miles per hour for the next 4 miles, and then returns to a speed of 45 miles per hour. how long does the car travel at the reduced speed. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN PLS ?

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    The car doesn't go 15 miles for the next 4 miles, it reduces its speed by 15 miles, which leaves it at 30 mph.

    30 mph = 30 miles/60 min = 1 mile/ 2 min

    He goes 4 miles, which means that he was traveling at that speed for 8 minutes. (4 miles * 2 min/mile = 8 minutes)

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    We only need the original 45mph from the first part of the question to tell us our original speed. So, when you reduce your speed by 15mph you get

    45mph - 15 mph = 30mph

    The next part I would do as a ratio because it is simpler that way.

    1. Change 1hr to 60 min

    2. Compare 30mi/60min -->this is your rate or speed -- to

    3. Miles driven, 4mi.

    Your ratio will look like:

    30 mi/ 60 min = 4mi/ x min

    1. Cross multiply

    30mi * x min = 60min *4mi

    2. 30x = 240 -- some teachers want the units, some don't

    3. Divide both sides by 30 and ...

    x = 8min

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