Team Building?

What are good team building ideas?


I'd like to build on trust, communication, & respect.

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    It depends on what aspect you want to buoild upon. Trust? Reliability?

    One good team-building activity involves getting the team to stand in a circle. Have one person start the ball rolling by saying something they admire about the person on their left, and something they value of that person, have them explain a bit, then have THAT person do the same. Continue until the circle is completed.

    For example, in one cycle, a co-worker said that what they admired most about me was that I had no problem stepping forward and doing something first, that I didn't mind taking chances, volunteering to do things. She also told the group that she valued me as a person: she was a rather introverted individual so she tended to not say much. However, after being with me for a few minutes, she felt like she knew me all her life and felt totally comfortable telling me things she'd have never told another person.

    The goal of this exercise was to harbor a sense of closeness, value, and appreciation for each other.

    Want to teach a team about stereotypes? Write a stereotype on a piece of paper, get about 6-7, depending on the size of the group, more or less. If you can make them on headbands or paper hats, it works best. Now, tell the group that they cannot look at their own hats, but they are to treat the other people in the manner of stereotype they are wearing. Some stereotypes to consider:






    Now, set them up: tell them that they are on a comittee to do something and they need to get it done:you can decide what they need to accomplish. Now, watch and monitor. Give them about 10 minutes. Then, after the exercise, ask the players to guess what their stereotype was.

    This one offers several points: it will show the audience, those that didn't participate how stereotypes can affect a group. It will also show the dynamics, and psychology, behind behavior. Be prepared to help people to see the points here: some people will be quick on the uptake and recognize it. Others, however, will need encouraging in understanding.

    Good luck!

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    Have you considered using Zing Events? They are widely recognised as being the company who have a modern twist on all of their activities, which combine learning with fun. The companies they already work with include Google, P&G, Vodafone etc. They are based just north of London, but travel all over.

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    Team building is the activity to encourage your team , to increase thier bonding and to create strees free enviornment.

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    I think some alternatives you can consider would be Bubble Soccer or Laser Tag. Something like what the people at does.

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