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Didnt recognize her , what would she think ????????????????I messed up again :(?

i met this girl on the first day of college...we talked a lot but i didnt see her anymore until today on the bus(i've been hoping to see her again)...

im soo bad at recognizing people and she had sun glasses too and i didnt recognize her at all and i was talking to my guy friend the whole time on the what will she think about me ? i even looked at her face to face and she saw me too...she is a great girl but i think i kinda messed up...



first day we met on the bus and we talked for like 40 mins, she is new in this city and she lives 2 blocks away. i showed her Walmart , Gym , Library and ... on the the end i gave my facebook to her and asked her to add me if she needs any help and she said definitely but she hasnt yet...but i really want to be a friend with her:( maybe she doesnt have internet access y or facebook...

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    1 decade ago
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    . Next time you have a convo,invite her for a coffee You're right,if she's a stranger in town.Then she might'nt have internet access

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