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Does this sound good??

Im a Scorpio and just out pf curiosity can someone give me personal opinions on A scorpio woman and Virgo man and A Scorpio woman and a Aquarius man

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    Im a scorpio girl and let me tell you there is the nicest attraction with a aquarius but however within lil time they like freedom to much of it. they are freedom spirits and social bunnies, they always have to be involved in social things with people or whatever, they choose to be free, they are by nature emotionally unattached, they will sweep you off your feet one day and the next its like they are someone else. oh yeah there very sensitive they try not to show it, virgo men very stable , they like stability and routine , however very crytical, they are loving but in practical ways

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    I'm a scorpio and my man is an Aquarius! We have some things in common but not a lot. I think that's what's keeping us together because we love the differences in each other. He's funny and I am the type who likes to be entertained. I also have a friend who's a virgo and to me, he seems really egotistical.

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    virgo is the better match

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