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Question for Christians part 3?

Final questions for the night. Why do so many of you Christians put yourselves on a pedestal? You say that you have felt the "holy spirit" (whatever that incomprehensible crap means) and that you are saved and that you can show the rest of us "unsaved" people the way. Why then are you unable to defend your beliefs? I have gotten nothing but garbage out of you. Threats, evasions, platitudes, claptrap...just utter crap. Have you thought that maybe you are the ones who need to rethink things and search for answers? There are two salient facts about putting yourself on a pedestal. First, people expect more out of you and when you fail to produce, they ridicule you. Second, you are liable to fall off on your ***. Give that some thought and good night.

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    Man you have met some very weird christians if I may be so bold to say. As for myself, I couldn't put myself on a pedestal because I know my klutzy behind would fall off of it. I don't think at this point in time, that I could show any unsaved people the way heck I just found the roadmap myself. I'm truly sorry that people have resorted to threats in order to get you to believe. It should never be like that. It was never meant to be by force. I can tell you it is not about hell or hate it is about love, inner peace, and eternal life in heaven. Some people are going to believe and others won't that is just life. I don't guess some people will ever figure that out.

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    First of all, I never set myself on a pedestal. Second, aside from Christ himself, show me a perfect person, and I'll show you a person with flaws, including myself! Third, a Christian is only a sinner saved by God's grace, through his son Jesus.

    And in case you have not heard, God's word is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    And as far as me not defending my faith, I do every time wake up in the morning, all day, until I go to sleep at night!

    Look, all I can tell you is this, repent (turn away from) or perish (in the lake of fire) and that's all I got to say.

    Source(s): The Bible.
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    The Bible does not teach that we should put ourselves on a pedestal, just the opposite. God does not need defending, He has already saved the World, now in entrust us to do our job of the Great Commission, and convince others to uncover their eyes and unstop their ears. The kingdom of God is near, do you not see it, the enemy approaches can you not hear those in the watch towers calling you to prepare? Can you not see the signs, that Jesus will fulfill yet another promise, that He will return.

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    To those who OPEN their minds to the spiritual truths it is obvious for they will see and hear them but to those who don't (like atheists) it is just mumbo jumbo or crap or what ever else you want to call it.

    Trying to explain these truths to people of your persuasion is like a modern physicist who speaks only English trying to explain the Theory of Relativity to a second century Chinese peasant.

    Why don't you just lighten up and quit trying to rain on other peoples parades?

    You can flame me if you wish. You can rant and rave. Do whatever you wish but you cannot shake my faith because I have been there and done that. And, I chose not to buy the stupid t-shirt.

    Before I turned to Christianity I too rained on most Christians parades but then something happened that defies description and I suddenly found myself on the other side of the line trying to explain things that are unexplainable to people very much like I had been before.

    May God richly bless you and may he draw you into the fold so you can experience what it is like to try to explain the unexplainable to the unbeliever.

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    Justin you walk a dangerous and deceived path. God is real, He knows your thoughts and your heart.

    He See's everything you have written tonight. He has heard all of your insults. Your working very hard to get people not to trust Him. But we always will, because we know the joy of Gods Grace. In spite of all your condemning of Him He still loves you. He loves you so much that He sent His own Son to suffer in your place. He loves you so much He wants you to come to Him so He can forgive you And have loving relationship with you. How many people here that you trust that you could insult the way you have insulted God tonight would forgive you like that?

    I'm praying that your eyes will be opened to Gods mercy and your heart will be softened to accept Gods gift of salvation and love.

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    My God Jehovah is on a pedestal, ask me a sensible ? and I will come back at you with my ammunition the BIBLE. Now u have a good night

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    We do not put ourselves on a pedestal, we put Jesus on a pedestal because He is worthy and He has manifested Himself to us and He has changed our lives. What better proof can we show you?

    Source(s): The Blood Of Jesus
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