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Do you use anything to focus your prayers/meditations?

For instance, in my spirituality, it is common to dedicate a toke of marijuana to someone to focus sending them good energy.

Many religions use prayer beads to help them remember certain prayers, or to pray for certain people. I'm sure many aboriginal tribes use things to focus as well. I believe the symbolism to the individual is what is important.

**Note, my cannabis is classified as medicinal in the State of California under Proposition 215 as well so my use is not illegal.

Although it is hard to argue against the legal system, it is also a Constitutional right as it is part of my religious/spiritual beliefs, such as peyote is to certain Native American tribes.

Sorry for the long disclaimer but I have been reported for mentioning my spiritual use before.


Nick, you are condescending.

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    I use music, and the rhythm of my own breathing.

    I only very rarely use rosary beads. They just don't work as well for me as they do for other people.

    Meditation is a great practice, regardless of your spiritual beliefs (you don't even need to have any to appreciate its effects on the body and mind.)

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    It's like putting down tobacco when you say a prayer in Native American beliefs. Or putting out a peice of everything that was made for Thanksgiving dinner for the spirits. All stuff my dad taught me for Native usage.

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    My heritage uses several different methods ~ depending on the clan you are from. Mostly sage is used in any ritual for purification and prayer. Tobacco it given to the four winds as well. There are several other means which are sacred to our culture. But I hope this answers some of your question.

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    Pray with your heart and you'll get all the 'focus' you need. If you are true to what you are praying about and you really feel it, even in the noisy neighborhood you can do it.

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    How to pray?

    Pray in Jesus name. – Jn. 16:24

    Pray with faith. - Jas.1:6

    Pray with humility, submission and repentance. – 2Ch.7:14

    Pray persistently, unceasingly and with a grateful heart. – Lk.18:1/ 1Th. 5:17

    Pray with a forgiving heart and compassion. - Mk. 11:25

    Pray and worship the Lord in truth and spirit. – Jn 4:23-24

    All other ways are evil.Do good to yourself and all the others.

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    discipline for repeating mantras,but i made up my own so its easier

    2. have a brain blaster,meditation device called a ....alpha pacer ll, that i use some times

    3.rarely a subliminal tape

    4. eastern chanting tapes to start

    usually just think and chant

    Source(s): OM
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    Try to make things more fun. Work is sooo boring sometimes! it needs livening up a little...Music sometimes helps, music that you like, lively?upbeat?

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    since true meditation does't need any focusing/concentration,so nothing is required except the will for practising meditation for self realization

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    i'm not doing THE KIND OF RELIGIONS RELATIVES , i'm just doing a REASONING THINKING in finding THE TRUTH as for my own knowledges to guides me from the ASTRAYS ( = RELIGIONS ).

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