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i had a little spotting six days ago just when i wiped. and a little cramping still got the cramping no bad though. i am 24 years old have not had a period for 1 1/2 year. have went to doctor cant fing nothing wrong they done blood test and an ultra sound every thing came out fine this was in march. do you think that this spotting could have been implantaion bleeding or something else. i know that you can still ovulate even though the period is not there my second child was concieved with an absent period. I can not do birth control to get me regular because of blood clotting.husband and i are not trying to pervent pregnancy so i was just wanting to know what you all think. could it have been or just something else going on.

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    its a strong possibility it was the implantion!!! get a test in a week or two and then go from there!!! congrats and best wishes to the both of you!!!!

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    It could be anything from pregnancy to hormones. It would be best to discuss this with your doctor.

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