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what do christain people think of atheist people?

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    We think that they are foolish.

    But God still loves them and will forgive them if they will only repent and turn from their ways.

    Source(s): Psalms 14 Psalms 53
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    No matter who you are or what religion you are, there are stereotypes that follow. So of course some people will buy into these stereotypes, and to them you won't have many morals and don't know basic right from wrong. I speak from experience (even though not atheist, just not religious), but most are accepting.

    Most people let you think what you want as long as you don't try to convert them. The easiest way for me to get around dealing with it is frankly to not bring it up. In this day and age, your religion is your business, if you are happy with yourself don't worry about what everyone else thinks, no matter what it is about.

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    Being raised a catholic, I'd have to say I've learned organized religion isn't for me even though I do believe in a higher power. God/Goddess. Anyway, I feel I do not have the right to judge anyone for their religious, or non religious, beliefs. To each his own. My niece is 14 and doesn't believe in God. I certainly don't judge her for that and realize she has her path to follow. I never criticize her for that and she can decide what to believe on her own. She doesn't judge me either. Basically, I don't feel atheists should be judged and the other faiths shouldn't be judged either. How do I feel about atheists? If you are a nice person, and are good to others, I'll like you. If you suck, I won't like you LOL

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    This Christian thinks that atheists are good people who have bought into a humanist way of thinking that takes God out of their lives.

    Why are atheists answering for Christians?

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    They are a bit confused

    There should be more doubting less believing

    Evolution?Doubt it

    Aliens?Doubt it

    Religion?Doubt it

    The Government?ALL of us Doubt it

    Global Warming?Doubt it


    You're the only opposition we got,if you consider yourself ATHEIST less believing and more in to the ones that says is BS books

    If you are an evolutionist,peace keeper freak or whatever thats another story

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    not all Christians have the same treatment to atheist.

    because some Christians view atheist as satanic bcuz they don't bow to God. but actually atheist are not. they just don't believe in religion but it doesn't mean they are worshiping evil. they just don't worship in any religion.

    some christians also view a person on its personality/behavior/attitude/character. So, even though as he\she is atheist but he\she is has a good attitude, Christians view them a good person.

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    My Husband is an atheist and he is the most wonderful man in the world. I do not judge those who do not believe. I think that they are a lot more honest than those who profess to be Christians but are fakes.

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    A Christian can preach to an athiest all day. You can't change someone's heart if they don't want it changed. God gave us freewill to believe what we choose. We should understand that. Enough wars have been fought because of religion. When does it end? When do we learn to respect each other?

  • Personally, I think exactly the same about you that I do about anyone. Who you are and what you believe has absolutely nothing to do with how you are thought of by a REAL Christian. If we follow the teachings of Jesus we will think and act like him. For an example of what this means, read John the 4th chapter. If we don't love you and treat you as we would like to be treated we are not acting like Christians and for us it is sin.

    There are many who think they are Christian because they use the name and the jargon. However, as Jesus said, "by their fruit you will know them".

    Source(s): John the 4th chapter and other Gospel references
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    Generally speaking, they seem to be intelligent and searching, not content with trivialities and simplistic answers. Sometimes I think some can be a tad bit condescending...but so can Christians or other religious folks.

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    depends how far the close minded ladder you want to go.

    towards the top, you've got the moderates, many of whom don't believe in hell. they're think you're ok.

    then, a little lower, you've got the mainstream evangelicals. they think you're a good person, but need jesus to escape dog's lake of fire.

    at the bottom, you've got the old skool boys. the fundiest of the fundies. they believe atheists have lied to themselves in their own heart. and somehow, satan has worked his way into their hearts. so, all atheists secretly believe in god and are enacting some form of rebellion.

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