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Who feels like they live in little Mexico.?

I live in phoenix az we have some many mexicans and illegals in my area it makes me think i live in Mexico.. everyone speaks spanish. you cant find a job here if you dont speak spanish. Its like we got ourselfs our own little mexico.


I think vegas is full of mexicans to.

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    It was like that 30 years ago when I lived there. That's why I moved out then and I'm sure it's even worse now.

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    I live in Fort Worth and I feel the same way. Heck, even parts of Fort Worth now look like the run down parts of Mexico! I was thinking about moving to Phoenix, AZ but you've changed my mind. How's Vegas?

    Well now it looks like Vegas is out now too.

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    I have a little Mexico, not in my town but the next town over. I speak Spanish (thanks to my high school spanish classes and a few college ones too!) so I completely understand it all, but the town itself looks like crap.

    Source(s): I live on Long Island & its very expensive to live here, but I don't know how they can afford it? The town that looks like crap has an average income of $45,000 while the town I live in has about an average income of $120,000 so I can see why they don't live here. -No, Vegas has a few Mexicans but generally just a bunch of rich people and beggars/PanHandlers
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    Yeah, I have to say that I ALWAYS feel like I live in Mexico...maybe it's cuz I DO! Mexico ROCKS!!!!

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    No kidding. but I'm NOT racist so take it the wrong way, but it would be nice once in a while to talk to people who understand English..and maybe actually see American English walking around.

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