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Is there anything I can do to prevent an outbreak of hives???

They only occur in small places on my body....Mainly on my back,arms and upper thigh...No matter the place or time,water or no water,clothes or no clothes,at the beach or at home,they seem to come and go as they please....How can I stop these bothersome hives from forming on my skin???...From chaning my diet,to taking pills or vitamins,to changing my landry detergent,what should I do to solve this skin condition???...Thanks for the help...Any bit of advice would awesome...Thomas

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    Try benadryl, just be prepared for the sleepys.

    Also, grapeseed extract did a pretty good job of making my allergies much less noticeable, unless you are allergic to grapes!

    Switch to unscented laundry soap and lightly (or no) scented softener.

    Look for hypoallergenic soaps, Aveeno makes products that are great for sensitive skin.

    Wash your bed linens weekly (at least) in hot water and if white or light colored, use bleach as it will help to kill bed bugs and dust mites (which may be your problem). Flip your mattress once a month and vacuum the heck out of it at least that often.

    Get rid of all hiding dust, under beds, behind furniture, wash curtains, get your carpets cleaned.

    A few of these are easy (benadryl and grapeseed extract) the rest require more work. Start with one change (like you soap and shampoo) and go a couple weeks to see if you get better.

    Allergies suck!

    Source(s): long time allergy sufferer, that refuses to get shots. Mold, yeast (bread, beer, wine, liquor, most processed foods), hops, and dust. I get sore throats and hives.
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    I had the same problem a few years ago. Hives result from exposure to allergens. Keep of mental record of when they occur. What had you eaten that day? What cologne/ sunblock etc. had you applied to your skin? Try switching one thing at a time to isolate the cause. Then avoid it.

    My story: This is going to sound strange, but I was saved by Burger King. Ha! I ate salads for lunch nearly every weekday. Afterward, I developed hives. (You will notice that the more you have hives, the sooner they will develop after exposure.---This fact is helpful in isolating the problem.) One day, Burger King was out of bleu cheese salad dressing. So I had ranch instead. I switched to ranch because I liked it. Several weeks later, I tried bleu cheese dressing again and !voila!...hives. I was allergic to cheese. I have a friend who is allergic to green peppers, and another to it could be ANYTHING. Good luck!

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    A dermatologist is the right doctor to you. No advice.

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