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Can a Rubik's cube actually make you more intelligent?

After all the patience, thinking and trying to solve it of course it would make you more smarter right?

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    No. But it gets you on YouTube...

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    Actually, the rubiks cube is just a simple pattern. Left down, Top right. So on..its just the memorizing of it.

    Which can actually come easy for someone who likes working with their hands.

    But making your smarter, i dont think so. I mean, it can. But its not going to improve your IQ points or anything. I think maybe knowing that youve solved something that not many can solve, will somewhat boost your confidence in yourself, maybe make you think you really can do the next math problem, or maybe figure out something for your job, whatever the case may be.

    I mean, it really is ego boosting when youre solving a rubiks cube and everyone flips out because you know what youre doing.

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    Well, during the process of memorizing all the patterns and solutions, it would make you smarter, but it's not going to make you and better at phsyics or math. It just works on your memorization. If you worked that hard at anything, you'd be smarter/ better at it. Rubix cubes are hard ):

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    I've hid my cube now,

    cos I always try really REALLY hard to solve it, but then a little bit of wee comes out and I get embarrased.



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  • 1 decade ago

    do eating hotdogs make you smarter

  • 1 decade ago

    it help you remember and organise so ispose it does make you smarter

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