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which of the following words is an example of trochee? HELP ME PLEASE!?

A. delicate

b. disguise

c. comprehend

d. soccer

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    TROCHEE (TROH-kee), TROCHAIC (troh-KAY-ick)

    A metrical foot with a long or accented syllable followed by a short or unaccented syllable, as in ON-ly or TO-tal, or the opening line of Poe's "The Raven:"

    ONCE up- | ON a | MID-night | DREAR-y, | WHILE I | PON-dered, | WEAK and | WEAR-y,

    Sidelight: In English poetry, trochaic verse in long poems is infrequent since it can produce a monotonous effect, but this problem is avoided in short poems such as William Blake's "The Lamb," and "Tyger! Tyger!"

    Sidelight: In a trochaic line of verse, the last syllable is often omitted to end the line with an accented syllable. A line thus shortened is termed catalectic.

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    Example Of Trochee

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    A trochee or choree, choreus, is a metrical foot used in formal poetry. It consists of a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one.

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    c. comprehend

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