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My husband texts other women and tells them that they are beautiful and that they are the sunshine in his life. I dont mind him having female friends, but this is going to far. What should I do? Yes I have guy friends but that is all they are. I dont tell them that they are the sunshine in my life and lets hook up. I am willing to take all advice into consideration. thank you.


I have asked him about it and he has gotten defensive about it. I have tried over and over to talk to him. so i just havent let it go

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    Sounds kind of weird to me. If it were just innocent friendships, why the "beautiful" and "sunshine" stuff? These do not sound like things a married man should be saying to other women. What are his reasons/excuses for this?

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    That behavior is unacceptable and you should tell him. He either needs to get into the program completely or get out of the relationship so that you can have some continuity.

    You have no business letting a life partner treat you so disrespectfully. If you are NOT the sunshine in his life, then you need to get your own life.

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    A woman in a committed, legally binding relationship (marriage) deserves loyalty from her husband. What you describe is not being loyal and is wrong. His hissy-fit reaction to your telling him that he is out of line is rude and disrespectful.

    Face it, you've married a child. Give him an ultimatum. Either he grows up and accepts his responsibilities as a husband and devotes all of his affection and devotion to you, or you're out of there. Really. I mean it. If you don't make this stand now, you are in for a lifetime of heartache and disappointment.

    If he has any sense of honor and dignity at all, he will come to his senses, leave his online fantasy-babes, and ask for your forgiveness.

    If he doesn't respond in that manner, be ready to pack up and go. Maybe if he sees how serious you are and how much self-respect you have, he'll come around. If not, you're not losing anything worth keeping.

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    OH HONEY!! Tell your hubby you know about his little habit and if he doesnt stop it, you will. Threaten to take that cell phone and destroy it!! DO NOT let him ruin what you want-a marriage. He can't get away doing this to you. YOU should be the only sunshine in his life (daughters too). By the way, don't contact these girls because that will make it worse, just work with him.

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  • If you want to stay in the relationship you will need counseling for the two of you or world war three will break out soon. If you say anything about your suspicions, he will get defensive, start fighting and eventually play the "you think I'm cheating anyway so I might as well start cheating" game.

    Get professional help so that he understands that he is hurting your feelings and throwing away something special by being selfish.

    Good luck.

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    Let him know how u feel. Honesty is one of the best things in a relationship. Tell him that this disrespects you as a woman and as his wife. Ask him how would he feel if you text other men & told them how handsome they are and that they are "the sunshine of you life"!!! Let him know that you don't like this at all.

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    Brat I admire you for being a LADY. Now just to let you know that he THINKS that she is his sunshine, honey she doesn't want him she is just there cause he has a woman. She wants to see if she an throw knots in your marriage cause somebody treated her bad and this is her way of getting even. Now you say that you have male friends lets reverse the playing field, talk to 3 or 4 of your friends and get one of them to send you flowers to the house and lets see if hubby can take what he is putting out. be sure to let someone know what you are doing that you trust not to tell hubby whats up. If hubby has no reaction then its time to move on and let him go. You are woman and you don't have to be disrespected by him. If you have to bow out gracefully and sit back and watch and see what happens to their relationship.

    He cheated on you to get her and she will cheat on him with the next man that come along.

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    I have a lot of Women friends and My wife doesn't mind but, I don't tell them they are the sunshine of my life. I don't have any agenda with my women friends and they know that. I would put it to him that if they make him happier then he could go with them.

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    Ask him why they are the sunshine in his life when you should be the only sunshine in his life and any rays of light you may have created. Then turn the tables and ask him if he would like it if you were calling all your guy friends your shining stars. Good luck friend

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    I would tell my husband that this is emotional adultery. You should be the sunshine of his life and if you aren't then what's really going on?

    Find out if it's more than just words.

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