Ovulation test...faint line???

So I know a faint line is a negative, but I've been been testing since right after my period ended I've had all clear negatives, and today I had a faint line along with the control line. This is my first month using ovulation tests, so does this mean ovulation may be coming soon? My cycles are somewhat irregular, but I do know that I should be expecting ovulation within the next week. I'm just wondering if this faint line means that ovulation will be coming in the next couple of days? We are definitely having sex from here on out, but I just want to know for future references, and my own curiosity. If so, should I expect the line to be even darker tomorrow?


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    If you went from no line to a faint line it means that your LH surge is coming (OPKs predict the LH surge, not ovulation). Some women go from no line to a dark (positive) line, while others experience gradual lines that slowly get darker until the test is positive. It sounds like you may be in the latter group. So it sounds like your line may get darker every day you test from now on until it's positive, or it may stay the same color, then get a bit darker, then stay that same color, then get a bit darker...until it's positive. You won't know until you go through it since this is your first cycle. I guess what I'm saying is you could get a positive in the next day or two...or it could still take about a week.

    In any case, have sex every other day starting now. On the day you turn positive, have sex that day and then every day for 4 days afterward. Once you turn positive it means you will ovulate anywhere from 12-48 hours after that.

    Good luck.

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    Keep testing. The tests show that you aren't quite ready to ovulate yet. My guess is that within the next day or 2 your test line will be as dark or darker than the control line. In some woman LH increases gradually while in others it is a more sudden surge, its all perfectly normal and depends on the woman. Don't listen to the poster who said the tests are worthless. Many fertility doctors have their patients use OKP to time their IUI and the ones you buy on the internet are just as good as the expensive ones from the stores except they cost a fraction of the price. There really is no reliable non-medical method to select the gender of a baby. So unless you need to know exactly when you ovulate (because you are trying to time an IUI) then you should be having sex regularly (every other day or so) during the fertile time in your cycle (for 10 days or so during the mid point in your cycle).

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    As ovulation time approaches, the like should grow darker. Unlike pregnancy hormones that make pregnancy test quickly go from negative to positive, the hormones measured by ovulation kits increases at a much slower rate.

    As for getting started with the baby dance, the longer you wait (up to about 5 days) the more swimmers he should have available. And once you start, you want to dance only every other day to give enough time for the swimmers to repopulate.

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    I have always heard that a positive OPK is a line as dark or darker than the control line. If you cycles are irregular it's worth testing daily and having sex every other day to increase your chances.

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    It'll probably be darker tomorrow, but you might want to start having sex now.

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    I heard that means it's right around the corner, so start having sex now!!

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    I think so. Just continue with testing and also with sex too to increase your odds.

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